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Hemp Seed, Carp On The Pole & Paste

Hello Bob, I am going in a match soon on the New Juction Canal what is the best way to fish it. If there are roach about do you always feed hemp seed to keep the better ones. Thanks, Ann Hello Ann, Hemp seed can be good, but it is not always a match bait.

Roach And Rudd

I’ve just started pole fishing. How do I decide how much line to have between the pole tip and the float? How long is a piece of string? Seriously though, here are some rough guidelines. On stillwaters and canals I’d normally have 18 to 36ins. depending on the wind and the bait. The greater the

Rivers, Reservoirs and Feeders

I am an enthusiastic youngster who fishes the pole regularly. However, I have never tried it on a river, and wondered if it is similar to stick float fishing, only you handle the pole differently? For example, you obviously need inverted teardrops floats, or flat floats, but they are unnecessary for where I am planning

Carp, Styls & Holme Pierpoint

From James Owen; Bob, I have seen 5 mirror carp on my local canal and am going to try and catch them but need your advice. I think they're about 10lbs, give or take a few pounds. I fish with a match rod and 3lb line. I know I need stronger line and maybe a

Sticking Elastic

From David Thomson; Whenever it rains, and my pole elastic gets wet it 'stick' and so will not re-enter the pole tip. I lubricate my elastic but it does'nt seem to have much of an effect. What should I do? It could be that the elastic is not quite tight enough, especially if the tension