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Canal Carp, Feeder Fishing

Hi Bob, I was wondering whether you could give me any tips in catching carp on my local canal? I've seen at least 7 fish around 10-15lbs, big in my eyes anyway, but I never can seem to hook them im using 10lb line size 12 hooks and treble red maggot. I've had a chub

Catapults, Striking and Weirpools

Hi, I'm using casters and every time I catapult them they go totally the wrong way due to the wind. Can you help me please?From Middyman It sounds as though the elastic on your catapult could be too strong. Also, when it's windy it's best to fire low, and it also helps if you feed

Groundbait For Flowing Rivers

I fish a small river which has a flow. The flow can change quite considerably as the lock gates are opened. Which groundbait would you recommend and why? The answer very much depends on the depth and the species present. I'd suggest you try a slightly heavier groundbait than normal such as Van den Eynde

Sticking Elastic

From David Thomson; Whenever it rains, and my pole elastic gets wet it 'stick' and so will not re-enter the pole tip. I lubricate my elastic but it does'nt seem to have much of an effect. What should I do? It could be that the elastic is not quite tight enough, especially if the tension

Carp, Styls & Holme Pierpoint

From James Owen; Bob, I have seen 5 mirror carp on my local canal and am going to try and catch them but need your advice. I think they're about 10lbs, give or take a few pounds. I fish with a match rod and 3lb line. I know I need stronger line and maybe a