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July 2000

Well, here we are in the new season and we can all look forward to a summer of big fish. For me, this summer will be an especially happy time as, with my exams over as of June 28th, I can concentrate on my fishing more than I have been of late. During my exams,

End Of Season 2000

Well for me that really was the season that wasn't. I can't remember the last time I caught a fish that I was really chuffed with, but at least I finished the season having a fun time down at the Bisterne charity match on the Hampshire Avon. In fact, I only just made the match

Kebabs…..Just Say NO!!!

It's this time of year when the rivers in my area are worth putting in some real effort as the fish are in great condition and have put on some serious weight since the summer. Not only are the fish worth catching, but winter water levels mean they are actually catchable! A bit of extra

November 1999 Update

Any real Anglers' Net enthusiasts will notice that another few months have passed since I last contributed to the site, and that this is the second time I've used school and exams as an excuse for not fishing or writing. Now I'm sure you'd all love to hear how I've been getting on in my

Exams And Fishing Don't Mix!

Firstly, sorry to those of you who logged on last month hoping to read my latest update. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out fishing much due to exams and work commitments and subsequently haven't caught much or had the time to write about it! When I last wrote for Junior Net, I told