Exams And Fishing Don't Mix!

Firstly, sorry to those of you who logged on last month hoping to read my latest update. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out fishing much due to exams and work commitments and subsequently haven't caught much or had the time to write about it!

When I last wrote for Junior Net, I told you about a carp syndicate that I was planning to fish quite a bit during the closed season. In fact, I only fished it twice more before my exams started in full force, but managed to winkle out a 16lb 12oz leather just in time. I caught it in the swim that I had described finding in my last update, and had it on a hair-rigged chick pea over a bed of particles. This is in fact the only carp I've had since then as I've only just got myself sorted after exams. One good thing is that I've passed my driving test, and am now looking for an old banger to cart my fishing gear around in!

This summer, I'll be around all over the place trying to fluke a few more big fish. As well as carp, I'll be after eels, rudd and maybe perch if I have the time. My main aim, however, is to take it easy and enjoy the fishing, as next year, my last year of school, I won't have much time due to yet more exams!

My only tip for this month is to move to a country where the fish are big and easy to catch and where they don't make poor defenceless kids take mind-numbingly boring exams!

Enjoy your holidays while they last... Fred.