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The Petzl Zipka

The Zipka is an ultralight L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) lamp with a roll-up strap system rather than an elasticated headband, making it very compact and lightweight. L.E.D.’s give an even white light. They are very strong, have a lifetime of several years continuous use, and consume less energy than traditional bulbs. Weighing only 64g (2.2oz)

Kryston Mantis Anti-Tangle Hybrid Ultrafine Hooklength

Mantis is a true hybrid hooklength, created to give users of braid and mono the very best of both worlds. It feels, behaves and knots just like mono, but contains all the advantages of an ultra modern superbraid. Totally tangle free and without the need for tubing. Mantis is Ultrafine in diameter giving superb presentation

The M-Tech Boilie

I had been looking long and hard for a new bait to change onto after using my existing bait for a number of years. A good friend of mine gave me a 'tip off', he told me of a new bait which was being launched that field testers had used very successfully on some very

How To Stalk Carp

Introduction Stalking carp in the margins is a great passion of mine, to watch a Carp taking your bait is so thrilling. It amazes me how very few Carp anglers actually stalk for Carp as in my opinion it is a devastating and productive method full of rewards. Usually I will fish a 16 hour

How To Use P.V.A. Bags For Distance Work

Introduction P.V.A. (Polyvinyl Alcohol) bags are a fantastic way of introducing your hook-bait amongst a small pile of free offerings as described by Martin Sainsbury in his article The Power Of P.V.A.'. P.V.A. bags are usually used for short or medium range work, however, used correctly there is no reason why they cannot be use