Kryston Mantis Anti-Tangle Hybrid Ultrafine Hooklength

Mantis is a true hybrid hooklength, created to give users of braid and mono the very best of both worlds. It feels, behaves and knots just like mono, but contains all the advantages of an ultra modern superbraid. Totally tangle free and without the need for tubing.

Mantis is Ultrafine in diameter giving superb presentation of the bait. Compared to other Kryston materials, such as Snake-Bite or Snake-Skin, Mantis is a lot thinner. In comparison 25lb Mantis is about the same in diameter as 15lb Snake-Bite or Snake-Skin.

Mantis has exceptional abrasion resistance plus the ability to alter the direction in a stroke by removing a small amount of coating. Removal of the coating will expose the braided core allowing you to create a huge range of simple or advanced rigs hooklengths. The coating can be removed by scraping off using the fingernails, which I found tricky, alternatively, soak the Mantis in hot water until soft and then simply strip off the softened outer coating.

As always Kryston include comprehensive instructions for the easy use of Mantis which is a real help if you are unfamiliar with these types of hooklength materials.

Kryston Mantis Anti-Tangle Hybrid Ultrafine Hooklength

Kryston Mantis Anti-Tangle Hybrid Ultrafine Hooklength

I am a big fan of Mantis, it is totally reliable and using it has put many fish on the bank for me this season.

Mantis (20mtrs) is available in two colours, green or gold, and in two breaking strains, 15lb or 25lb. Price £12.45 and available from

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