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Casting Doubt

Never cast/bait-up to your full extent as the wind can always change direction later, leaving you fishing short of your main feed area. Steve Randles

Dead Maggots

Use dead maggots in areas with silty bottoms. These cannot wriggle into the silt and they will also remain visible in areas of blanket weed. To kill, seal in a plastic bag and freeze. Steve Randles  

Winter Wormer

Chop up 15-20 worms and add a handful of "Crushed" Casters, this will get bites on all but the bleakest of days. Steve Randles  

Worm Tip

Thread worms once only through the saddle, nip off 1 inch of worm from the other end, and rehook this part. The natural amino acids found in a worm will draw fish to your hookbait. Steve Randles

Float Tip

Dot that float down to a quarter of an inch or less. We all know this trick, but walk round your local lake and less than 2 in 10 actually do it!!!! Steve Randles