These were amazing value, anyway, at £5!

There are a few sale items that have caught our eye recently on the Dragon Carp Direct website, and these Bitz Boxes are one of them. At JUST £3 A SET, they are a no-brainer!

We’ve featured these before and when mentioned on our Facebook page, loads of people said they owned them and rated them highly!

This superb set consists of three clam-shell style boxes and it designed to store all your rig bits, hooks and accessories safely.
All three are small enough to fit into jacket pockets, tackle boxes, or seatbox drawers to transport those essential small items and feature clear lids on each compartment so you can quickly see what’s in each.

Rather than listen to us waffle on, as they may well sell out at this price, just CLICK HERE to view them now.

Bitz Box Set

A WORD ABOUT POSTAGE: YES, if you buy a £3 item from most websites, the cost of postage is more than the item itself. Those that offer ‘free delivery’, and other such offers, make up for it elsewhere over the course of a year. It’s simple economics. The best thing to do is order a few bits, if you need them, at the same time. That way, the delivery cost per item works out less. Until drivers work for nothing and vans and diesel come free, delivery always has a ‘cost’.

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