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Quite often, the ‘cheap’ stuff seen on eBay has to be approached with caution. There are times when it’s cheap for a reason! However, this is not the case with this Carp Craze PVA!

Voted as the Best PVA Range of 2011 by Total Carp readers, Carp Craze is a quality manufacturer of PVA products. When you use PVA, that’s comforting; the last thing you want is a big blob of gunk attached to the end of your rig, just because you were trying to save a few pence!


This eBay deal they have on right now is fantastic. You get TWO 20-metre refills for just £19.99, plus delivery. That should last you a while!

At the time of writing, you could choose between WIDE, BOILIE and STIK sizes. If you’re an angler who likes to use PVA to ensure perfect bait presentation, it may be well buying more than one size at this price.

With over 1300 sold, this is a genuinely popular deal. CLICK HERE to check current availability.

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