Over 5000 Sold – Just £10.99, Including FREE UK Delivery

Blimey, we’re not sure if this is the same box we featured on Anglers’ Net a while back, but it’s worth another mention, even if it is!

This compact ‘bits box is jam-packed with terminal tackle and over 5000 have been sold, according to eBay.

At just £10.99 each, including FREE UK delivery, that’s not surprising!

You can CLICK HERE to buy one right now, or keep reading to find out more…

Carp Fishing Tackle Box Bargain On eBay

The following is what the seller has written to describe the contents of the box:

10 Camo Green Carp Safety Clips and 10 Camo Green Rubber Cones,
2m of Camo Green Sinking Rig Tube,
15 Camo Green Shock Beads 6mm,
10 Brown Carp Safety Clips and 10 Brown Rubber Cones,
2m of Brown Sinking Rig Tube,
15 Brown Shock Beads 6mm,
20 Carp Fishing Rolling Barrel Swivels size 8, matt black.
10 Back Lead Clips and rubbers to make any lead with a swivel become a Back Lead (colour not optional comes with black subject to availability)
20 Premium Barbless Carp Fishing hooks approx 5 of each size 6’s, 8’s, 10’s and 12’s

Box Information/Dimensions
the Pocket size box is 12cm x 10cm x 3.5cm.
it has
Four 3x3cm compartments.
Six 6x3cm compartments.
and two compartments both 12x3cm with total of 8 removable dividers.

CLICK HERE to read the full description. We reckon this is a steal!

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