500 Yards Of Braided Dacron For Just £14.95

If you’re looking for a cheap dacron braid, then your search ends here!

This Climax Soft & Strong is an extremely supple sinking braid that was designed for a foreign market, with trolling in mind. However, the fact that it’s so pliable, is a fantastic colour and is just so cheap means that many people are snapping it up to use as hooklength material, as well as for use with marker float set-ups and even occasional lure work.

I recently spoke to TackleBargains and they told me that it’s simply flying out of the door! At just £14.95 for 500 yards, I’m not surprised!

The line can be used in freshwater and saltwater. It is also 100% UV resistant (not that we seem to see the sun much in the UK these days!).

Made in Germany to exacting standards, this really is a ‘bargain of the year’!

For those of you who like your spools even bigger, a 1000 yard spool is just £24.95.

The line comes in a range of breaking strains to suit most needs, from 20lb right up to 50lb.

Click here to visit the braid section of the TackleBargains site, or type in www.TackleBargain.com to browse their entire site of discounted fishing tackle. Every purchase you make via this link means a small contribution to the upkeep of Anglers’ Net, too, so many thanks!