Cheap Fly Lines

If you’re looking to buy a cheap fly line in the UK, then there’s one place you definitely need to go –

For years, this website has been the site to visit for heavily discounted fly fishing tackle in general, but the selection of cheap fly lines really is their major strength.

The fly fishing line category of the TackleBargains website is broken down as follows:

  • Cold Saltwater Fly Lines
  • Tropical Saltwater Fly Lines
  • Floating Fly Lines
  • Sink Tips / Ghost Tips / and Multi Tip Fly Lines
  • Intermediate Fly Lines
  • Sinking Fly lines
  • Floating Shooting Heads
  • Intermediate Shooting Heads
  • Sinking Shooting Heads
  • Ex-Display and Clearance Fly Lines

Many of these sections are then broken down by the line rating, as there are just so many on offer! All the top fly fishing brands are on offer, including Cortland fly lines, Airflo fly lines, Aircell fly lines, Loop fly lines, Jim Teeny fly lines and more!

The clearance fly lines have to be seen to be believed and are a year-round best seller! This department alone is broken down into the following sub-categories:

  • Floating Ex-Display Clearance Fly Lines
  • Intermediate Ex-Display Clearance Fly Lines
  • Sink Tip / Ghost Tip / Multi Tip
  • Loop Adapted Double Handed Fly Lines
  • Sinking Ex-Display Clearance Fly Lines
  • Running Lines Ex-Display Clearance
  • Shooting Heads Ex-Display Clearance

So, as you can see, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Save yourself some money – click here to browse the TackleBargains fly line collection today. TackleBargains are a mail order fishing tackle company and deliver all over the world.