Cheap Hooks

Good quality hooks don’t usually come cheap, but I’ll let you into a little secret…. some people manage to get their fishing hooks for free!

How? Well, it’s quite simple, really. They buy them in bulk, taking advantage of the discounts available when doing so, and then sell some on to friends or via eBay!

Of course, there are those who just like to make sure that they have a good supply of hooks at the best price possible, so they buy in bulk purely for their own use.

Over the years, I’ve fallen into both of the categories above!

Tacklebargains have a great range of hooks (more than I’m going to list here), so I’ve picked out a selection of the offers available:

Sea Hooks
At the time of writing, this section contains my favourite sea hook • the Black Aberdeen. And, as the site states, they are “top quality hooks at car boot prices”! Starting at just £16 per thousand (yes, thousand!), these are not likely to be around for long!

Click here to visit the bulk sea hooks section (you’ll also find treble hooks in here).

Carp Hooks
One section that I’ve made a few purchases from over the years! As well as a number of ready tied rigs, this section is made up of some of the best carp hooks that were ever made, ironically by a company that no longer exists • Ashima.

The RDS-2 and RDS-3 patterns are probably one of the toughest carp hooks ever made and often my hook of choice in big fish waters. They are the same shape and size, the RDS-2 being barbed and the RDS-3 being barbless.

The range available in the bulk section, although rather small, would cover most fishing situations. If you were looking to resell them and have the time, you could even think about buying some braid from them and tying up rigs.

Click here to visit the bulk carp hooks section.

Coarse / Match Hooks
Another section I’ve bought a lot from over the years, as the hooks to nylon are a great bargain and have sold well for me on eBay!

With hooks all the way down to a size 26, there’s bound to be something to suit your needs. And, with prices starting at under £12 per thousand, there’s a hook for every budget!

Click here to visit the bulk coarse hooks section.

Fly Hooks
Not an area that I can claim any knowledge in, but I’m led to believe that this selection of single and treble hooks are very competitively priced and great for tying. Prices start at just £23.50 for a thousand hooks.

Click here to visit the bulk fly hooks section.

So, there you have it. Fishing tackle doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you shop around and buy in bulk. Also, please note that most of the hooks featured above are available from TackleBargains in smaller quantities. However, the cost per hook will work out a bit more expensive. They’ll still be quality hooks at cheap hook prices, though!

Happy shopping and tight lines!