Free Exped Viewfinder when you subscribe to Digital Photo

Getting a good photo of your catch is what it's all about these days. Even if you're a sea angler who takes a few fish for the dinner table, you probably still photograph a fair number of fish.

Digital camera are an angler's dream come true, but are we making the most of them? A visit to our Photography Forum will get you some friendly advice, but you may also want to consider subscribing to a professional photography magazine, such as Digital Photo.

With great projects, from landscape to black and white photography, you'll benefit every issue from tips on image manipulation. Every month Digital Photo also includes a FREE CD with fantastic advice and tutorials - jam packed with useful techniques so you can get the best from your photos.

dpfx_443953324.jpgThe Exped Viewfinder Trekking Pole has all the features of a standard trekking pole with a polished Beechwood end that unscrews to reveal the standard 1/4" camera screw. Get it now for summer!

These offers don't run for ever, so click here to see if the FREE Exped Viewfinder offer is still available. If not, there's bound to be more great deals on offer!

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