Field Kettle and Accessory Kits

Similar in appearance to a Kelly Kettle, a field or storm kettle is a great low cost alternative to a petrol or gas stove, and they are also incredibly versatile. During the colder months they also double up as a valuable heat source, too, providing a cosy atmosphere day or night.

Field Kettle and Accessory KitsThe option of the extra Cook Kit expands the capability of your Field or Storm Kettle even further, by providing two pans for use with the Storm Kettle's heat source. The kit comprises a frying pan, a saucepan, a clip-on handle and a two-part grid that enables the pans to sit over a Storm Kettle's heat source (kettle heat source pictured is not included in the Cook Kit as it comes with the kettle). So now you can cook a quick breakfast as well as making the tea using the same efficient heat source!

All you need to do to fire up your stove is gather up some dry combustible material from around your swim; twigs, leaves, etc. Then place them in the bottom, fire it up and away you go- enjoy a fresh cup of tea instead of the stale cup from your Thermos!

We have a ‘communal’ Field Stove on one of my syndicate waters and come winter, you’ll usually find a few of the regulars having a little social in the swim that has the Field Kettle in it! Fantastic as a treat for yourself, would also make a great gift for the angler in your life!

Buying options;

Large Field Kettle - £54.99
Holds over 2.5 pints (1.5l) and is very lightweight (Height: 35.5cm, 14inches. Weight: 830g).

Small Field Kettle - £49.99
Holds just under 1 pint (0.5l) and is very lightweight (Height: 30cm, 12inches. Weight: 590g).

Large Field Kettle Accessories Set - £19.99

Small Field Kettle Accessories Set - £19.99

Supplier: Fishtec



Prices correct at time of publication