Fox Stratos FS10000

The first reel designed specifically for carp anglers!

With the Fox pedigree, you just know that this will be good. Here’s what our friends at Hooked Tackle and Bait have to say:

"The Stratos is the culmination of an intensive three year R & D project with substantial investment. Fox believes the Stratos is the first reel designed specifically for carp fishing. For years carp anglers have been looking for a long cast reel with a small compact body. The spool of the Stratos is precisely machined and measures almost 60mm in diameter and 30mm in length. In addition, the body is smaller than almost any other reel in its class. To achieve this, the internal gearing had to be designed completely from scratch. Stratos uses a Mesh-Tech gear train which has been critically balanced to achieve the ultimate degree in gear meshing resulting in a smoother more powerful, play free mechanism.

If you want to cast the distance, line lay is critical. Stratos has a Supa-Slow Gear Cycle and an incredible 22 rotations of the bail arm are performed per linear oscillation of the spool. In tests this proved to be over 300% slower than some other reels. But what does this mean in practice? Each turn of the bail arm puts a ‘coil’ of line on the spool. The Stratos puts 22 coils of line on the spool (11 up and 11 down) on the retrieve creating incredibly consistent line lay which means incredible casting distances which can be achieved.

16 ball bearings with a supa-slow gear cycle taking nine turns of the handle to complete a full linear oscillation.

Slipper stealth clutch, a multi disc system incorporated in the spool itself, which is so smooth it needs to be experienced to be believed.

Push button spool.

Free spool tension rotates through almost 270 degrees allowing for positive and accurate adjustments to the tension.

A stainless steel, spring loaded casting clip with cushion seating stops damage to line.

RRP £129.99"

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