Bivvy Deal Of The Year!

It's possible that K-Karp isn't a brand you've heard of over here in the UK. We hadn't, so had to do a bit of Google research to find out that it's quite a big brand on the Continent, where session carp fishing is very popular.

As this K-Karp Enemy 2-man dome has only just appeared on the Dragon Carp website, details are patchy, so you may want to do a bit of your own Google research. From what we found, and don't quote us on this, it appears to be a four-season bivvy with plenty of space and good water resistance for those wet days and nights, along with excellent ventilation.

From the photos on the website, which you can see by clicking here, we like the way the whole front can be exposed. Unless it is absolutely tipping down, with the rain coming sideways at you, tha has got to be the best way to enjoy a night under canvas, surely?

If you're after a new bivvy and want a properly discounted item, then this may well be worth a few minutes of research. Forget the measly £10 discounts you get elsewhere, this is less than a third of the price it sells for elsewhere.

We have no idea how many they have, but assume that the stock is limited. If you're interested, please CLICK HERE to check.

K-Karp Enemy 2-Man Dome