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Krill is a brilliant fish-catching additive and it’s accounted for loads of great catches in the last 12 months. However, it can be expensive, with some bait companies charging the earth for krill-flavoured products. But not anymore. Thanks to Avanti, you can now get a whole load of superb krill-based baits – including boilies, pastes, groundbait and liquids – for just £10 + delivery!

Let’s have a look at what’s in the Avanti Match Baits Krill Pack:

Krill Groundbait

Whether it’s cupped in loose or used in the feeder, this will add tons of scent to the water and attract shoals into your peg immediately.

Krill and Hemp Mix
Feed this with small quantities of corn or hemp on either the pole or waggler line and expect fast bites.

Krill Paste
Mould a small piece around a size 12 or 14 hook and present your rig close to a marginal reed bed. Big fish can’t resist it!

White Krill Boilies

Durable enough to be placed on a bayonet or hair-rig, yet soft enough to be instantly loved by carp, these are superb fish-catchers.

Krill Hook Pellets

There’s hardly a species that swims that don’t love these pellets. Magic for carp, bream and tench.

Liquid Krill
This 200ml bottle will last ages because this potent liquid only needs to be used in small measures to give hookbaits and groundbait a real boost.

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Krill Bait Set

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