Great carp and pike reel for just £19.95

Matt Hayes’ Fishing Hut is a brand new website offering a great range of fishing tackle. As well as Matt’s own brand, it also features fishing tackle from other companies and the aim seems to be to make fishing as accessible (i.e. cheap!) as possible. It’s well worth checking out for offers. The delivery charges are reasonable, too.

One recent offer is this Matt Hayes Adventure 60 3bb FS Freerunner Reel. To be honest, it’s not a bad reel for the money at £34.95. However, at just £19.95, it’s exceptional value!

With three ball bearings, it’s smooth, and it also has a good double handle for balance and cranking power.

If you follow Matt Hayes on Facebook, you’ll see that he uses this range of tackle himself and doesn’t hesitate in recommending it. We haven’t seen much of his range yet, but he seems to be keeping true to his word; what we have seen has been good quality, yet cheap. In this day and age, it’s what many anglers are crying out for, not just beginners and youngsters.

You can order the Matt Hayes Adventure 60 3bb FS Freerunner Reel from Fishing Hut by CLICKING HERE. As mentioned, it was just £19.95 at the time of writing.


Matt Hayes Freerunner ReelDouble handle
Freespool mechanism
Powerful retrieve
Good line lay
Fine front drag

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