Orvis Polarized Magnifying Sunglasses

Over the past few weeks, a lot has been written on Anglers’ Net about the use of polarising sunglasses for fishing. In fact, there’s a whole article about them by Julian Grattidge here.

The sun always reminds us of their importance, but they really are an essential bit of kit all year round for many anglers. One of those items that equates to great value for money when you work out how often it gets used!

Orvis are known around the globe for their quality fly-fishing products. However, they often sell a product that has uses across a whole range of fishing disciplines. These Polarized Magnifying Sunglasses are a prime example of that.

Designed to aid fly-fishermen when tying on flies, they will definitely benefit any angler using his or her fingers to tie, or bait up with, anything fiddly.

The polycarbonate lenses, which come in a choice of amber or grey, have an ingenious magnifying section to them, which means that you never need to remove the glasses when fishing. I often find that the glare when removing sunglasses on a bright day is similar to switch on a white light at night and losing your night vision. It does take a few minutes to recover. When watching a fly, float or rod tip, even a split second could make all the difference!

To view these glasses on the Orvis site, please click here. Any sale made via this link also means that a commission goes to the upkeep of Anglers’ Net, so thank you.

Tight lines!