Pvashop Pre-tied Mesh Sets

At this time of year, we’re all for ways to make things easier when out fishing in the cold and this new pre-tied PVA mesh & bait set from the pvashop is the perfect example. Tying PVA mesh can be a tricky job at the best of times, but in the middle of winter in near freezing conditions, often when in darkness, it can be a bit of a nightmare!

How handy would it be then to have a tub full of pre-filled PVA mesh balls, each containing a bite-size amount of the finest carp fishing pellets available in the shape of Coppens 8mm carp feed pellets. The pellets are made from easily digestible and highly attractive fishmeals, fish oils, and a mix of quality cereals, and thus are ideal  for a spot of winter carp fishing as their low oil content means they offer great levels of attraction even at very low temperatures due to their constant leakage. Fishing with the pre-tied PVA mesh balls could not be easier – just select one from the tub, side hook it and job done you are ready to cast!

Also included in the set is a tub of mixed fluoro pop ups which, whilst great at any time of year, can really come into their own during the colder months, offering that quick visual hit against the drab backdrop of a winter lakebed. Each tub contains a mix of sizes, colours and flavours to choose from.

To top it off, quite literally, there’s also a tub of PVA Rig Foam Nuggets, which are ideal for keeping your hooks clean of leaf litter when you are casting out. At this time of year there is always a lot of rubbish about on the lake bed and a nugget of PVA rig foam attached to your hook will ensure no snagging or masked hook points on the cast.

Add to all that a sheet of one hundred twist and release bait stops and you’re laughing – this handy little set has got winter carp fishing covered!

Available from: pvashop eBay store - CLICK HERE

Price: £7.99

Pvashop Pre-tied Mesh Sets