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This is a brief guide to some of the best seatbox offers out there for anglers today. If you click on any of the underlined links, or the images contained in the article, it should take you to a page with some examples of the best prices and, in some cases, more information.

For many types of angling, you spend a good deal of time sitting on your backside and a good quality seatbox is a must.

Depending on the type of fishing you’re doing, a seatbox performs a variety of functions. To the match angler, it has to be a well-organised aid to fishing, not just somewhere to plonk your bum. It needs all the attachments and storage to ensure that the angler maximises every second of the match that he or she is fishing. Other anglers may fall over with shock if they hear of a seatbox costing over £300, but to many anglers that represents a sound investment. Companies such as Maver and Preston Innovations do some superb seatboxes for match anglers.

Maver MX1500 Seat Box
Maver MX1500 Seat Box

TF Gear Match Boss Seat BoxFor the pleasure angler / occasional match angler, the demands placed on a seatbox might not be so great, but it still needs to be somewhere to store all the tackle (and a hot flask!), sit down on and possibly act as a rod rest, etc. It’s worth spending a bit on a decent seatbox if you can afford it, and the likes of TFG, Preston Innovations, Maver and others will help you find the perfect coice for you.

For anglers on a budget, modern overseas production means that you no longer have to sit on a carrier bag! For many a year, that was my seatbox! Even with a budget of up to £70, you can be spoilt for choice. Maver, TFG and companies such as Waterline will cater for you quite well and you may well be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Roving anglers are now catered for in the seatbox market, too. The old ‘folding rucksack chair’ has been developed into a full-blown, portable seatbox. These are perfect for lure anglers and barbel fishing, as well as anyone else who likes to wander as they fish. You’ll see them more and more on rivers over the coming years. The TF Gear Compact Seatbox is a prime example of this. At the time of writing, it appears that it’s sellling out quicker than they can make them, so you may want to get your orders in early!

For sea anglers, of which I count myself as one, our needs a bit simpler – we want something to sling all our gear in and it’s got to be rugged, waterproof, saltproof and easily hosed down (once a year, tops!). For many, there is only one choice – Shakespeare. At under £25, it’s hard to beat! However, other brands, such as Zebco, may well be worth a look.

When choosing which seatbox to buy, think of what you need from it, not what everyone else has got. Also bear in mind what you may want it to do in the future. Many cheap boxes, such as the one from Shakespeare, have a wide range of attachments and accessories that you can buy as and when you can afford and need them. Buy the right box for your fishing needs and you’ll have a piece of kit that will bring added pleasure to your fishing. Buy the wrong one and you’ll end up wishing you’d got something else….and you’ll be reminded of that every single time you go fishing.

We’ve created an easy price comparison page of current seatboxes for sale. Please CLICK HERE to view it.

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Of course, you may wish to buy secondhand. For that, try good old eBay….


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