FREE Frames With All Transitions Lenses – OFFER ENDS 29th June, 2007

We've done a few promotional things with Spex4Less over the years and every single customer who's purchased from them and then contacted me has done to say how good the product and service were.

Here are brief details of their latest offer, which ends on June 29th, 2007:

"Spex4less also supplies Transitions lenses which are clear indoors but turn into sunglasses in the presence of UV light eliminating the need for an extra pair of sunglasses.

If you've ever tried purchasing transitions lenses on the high street you'll know that they can cost up to £80 for the lenses alone.

However, you have the excusive opportunity to get these at half the price you would normally pay on the High Street....

...and (for the next 14 days) spex4less is also going to give you a choice of frames at no extra cost what so ever.

That's right, Transition lenses for half the price with free frames!

However, this is exclusively for our subscribers and is only available for the next 14 days.

Click here to view the page where Spex4Less is giving away the frames."

Please accept our aplogies for the late notice of this offer. We've been a bit snowed under with work.