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Trip Planning



I thought this might do better as an 'off-list' discussion. Any forum members who wish can post comments to any of the main entries.


Street/Area mapping programs you'd recommend?


Any folks who are willing to house the Vail's for a day (or two) of fishing? We are both non-smokers (although I puffed for lots of years) and Jan is violently allergic to the stuff (which is why I quit) so if you smoke in the house, we can't visit. Not a preference but a matter of her health.


We are set to descend on Steve & Peggy for the time around the Wingham fish-in. Den - I strongly suspect we will take you up on your kind offer (from the closed thread in the Non-fishing section) with the time to be determined.




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Newt, And Mrs Newt.. :D ..You will definately have to take a trip to us in Scotland...a trip with Davy Holt....you are welcome to stay with us for a few days, I will drive you up to Lochaline, and drive you back...the scenery through Glencoe is something else..and the scenery in the Sound of Mull is to be seen to be believed....I live about 6 miles from Falkirk, and about 11 miles from Stirling, theres the castle ,to be seen and the Wallace Monument, try and climb the stairs if you dare.....If you decide to come up to us,I will book you in to the LA hotel, good food, and the owners Charles and Sally are sooperb "mine hosts".....

Getting to us is VERY easy, a flight into Edinburgh airport, which is only 35 mins from home....

Let me know if you fancy it....Look forward to seeing you both....


Norrie.. :D


Btw, Non smokers here.....

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Open house for you here Newt and Mrs Newt, Caernarfon North Wales if you are coming this way. Boat for fishing, sightseeing.

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'tis a shame that you won't be able to fish the rivers while you're here. They don't open up until the 16th of June so I'd guess that you'll be after a bit of UK carping and a few pike.

BTW. make sure that Norrie shows you the smaller and slightly less well known Grommit monument as well.

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You are more than welcome to stay in my caravan Mull of Galloway. Check it out Newt on a search,Clashwhannon caravan park,Drummore.


Hopefully I will be there with my good lady and we can see some of the sights - they are magnificant :)


If I cannot be there I can arrange for the caravan keys to be left in the pub on the site. In the van there are cooking facilities,toilet,shower.


The pub on the site does bar meals :D


The caravan park is on the edge of the village of Drummore! In it there is not a lot - 2 pubs but both do food,one shop,one cafe,one post office and thats it. Mind you it is Gods Country my friend.


If I cannot be there for your visit - if you want to,I will arrange for Freddie the bass to take you fishing ;)


All of my fishing gear in the van will be at your disposal as well. Also an OS map with all the fishing marks on.


You must also book a day with Ian Burrett for the tope or pollack if you decide to come to the caravan,by the way it is a freebie




There are loads of things to see locally,4 botanical gardens - check out the size of the palm trees :o (Gulf Stream effect)


Walks in the nearby Galloway Forest


Saint Ninnians Cave - if you are religeous it is a must.


The Southern tip of the Mull - on a clear day awesome - due south the Isale of Man about 25 miles away,to the west Ireland about the same distance,to the east the Lake District peaks about 90 miles away.


Something to think about.


To get there by car - basically you travel up the M6 to Carlisle then turn west onto the A75 towards Stranraer and then take the Drummore turn off just before Stranraer


Like Isay you are more than welcome.


If you decide to come over and we are not there sleeping bags will be there for you. Also grub,microwave,dvd player and dvds,etc


Go for it


If you decide to go further north it could be a good stopping off point for a few dats



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Hi Newt


The Mapping Facility that I use for the UK & Europe is:




You are welcome to spend a couple of nights with us :)


I'm about 1 hours drive away from Steve Burke's place.


Postcode ME8 7PA (If you want to look up on Multimap)


Oh! we don't smoke, but we do have two ancient cats!


Tight Lines - leon




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I think it was ferret that set up a map on another site which we could add our location to, might be a good idea.


Oh, and I smoke like a damp bonfire. B)

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Ant - I happily smoked like a chimney for over 40 years and would start again in about 2 seconds if my better half didn't get so violently ill when around the stuff. I for sure want to have a go at your stretch of canal if at all possible. It looks like the post code feature of multimap is a good way for us to get oriented so ....


Leon - thanks for the map link. It does make things lots easier and a day or so with you two is another that I'd love and will try to make happen.


Snatcher - didn't realize your caravan was so far north. We've been trying to figure out some way to see that part of the world (and Norrie/Davy/et. al) so we may be paying a visit. Transportation will be the interesting part and I think we may need some local help. For instance, Jan located airline connections but while the ticket cost was reasonable at around £45 each, they would have tacked on around £90 tax on each ticket. Nope. Sorry but I ain't paying that kind of tax.


I see with comments I can't really scan the others so I've probably missed something I need to say to someone. More comment to follow I expect.



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One option for travel northwards is to catch the overnight sleeper train from London, it will take you to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fort William, or various points in between. Departs London sometime after 8.00pm and arrives in Scotland sometime around 7.00am, it's quite an good way to travel.You can find details here.

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www.bmibaby.com may be worth a look for internal flights Newt, it's only a budget airline but they really are very cheap.


As for postcodes................WS13 7NY & WS13 6BP, both in Lichfield Staffordshire.



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For travel planning RAC travel works ok it give an idea of travel time and distances which might be of use if you want to make the best of the time you have.

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In the very words of one whoo will be familiar to most of the people on heer "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!" I will be in France and JUST starting to get aquainted with the local clientele!!! Is this a conspiracy?? i do know one thing though!! I WILL move heaven and earth to be sure I get to meet you folks at least once while you are over!!

I just quite simply Do not believe it is all!! :D

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well if you wanna get this far north then you are more than welcome, but me and davey both smoke :( maybe a cheap B&B could be an option? norrie has details of the weigh inn just down the road from us and it's own chalets ;)

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If someone will host it(I get seasick), I will pay for a boat out of Weymouth for a day.

Better book up quick, though.

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Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to move the thread to a blog.



Must agree - only found it via the link.


As I understand things, the tour starts - Wingham > chez Vagabond > chez Peter Waller, with me providing the transport links represented by ">"


We have arranged to be at home at that time :):)


Off to Belize, then Texas, next week. Return Jan 4th.


Will start to flesh out the details then.


Dave and Norma

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