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  1. Used to love fishing ponds, for Tench, Crucians, Rudd and the odd Carp. Now i would only consider it if the pond still contained all the species. Too many waters just full of Carp actually competing to get hooked! Not the fish or the water managers fault, it is the danglers fault, that is how they prefer to spend their time. Still enjoy catching a carp from a river.
  2. Yes, I saw that one. Must admit I just thought he did that as it was the type of thing in the Crabtree books, out of shot he probably changed it to plastic!
  3. I can't watch river monsters, he would try to make out a gudgeon was a man eater. Plus all that "fish on, Fish on". never watched a Robson all the way through as he is so damn noisy. The program with the ex-athelete was as bad. At least this was close to what i think fishing is about. The only other recent program enjoyed was 'in the footsteps of Mr Crabtree with John Bailey. I have not seen any of the 'catching the impossible' series so cannot comment.
  4. Stand corrected. in episode 5 one has a conquest but the other has an ariel type reel. Couldn't catch which one. Maybe a Lythe or Mills.
  5. Certainly do not look like the latest unless you mean the fly reels. They have been trotting a few times with pins and every time another type of reel. The session after roach had fixed cages. None looked like the conquests either old or new. More like a new version of the flick'em
  6. So, seen a few of these. Does any one have any idea what makes of centrepins they have been using. They have used a few different makes and I have not identified any of them. Get a feeling they all belong to Whitehouse.
  7. Thanks everyone, I have always used tubes, was only enquiring as this is so padded I will struggle to fit them in and even the thinnest tube will fit in the supplied Velcro. John, it is actually the Hardy Marksman holdall.
  8. No problem with Velcro strap as have some that I use for keeping cables tidy, just wondered if you all thought the tubes were necessary.
  9. Hi, Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope your all having a great day I had a quick question which was really looking for a consensus of opinion. Got a Hardy Conquest lay flat rod holdall for Christmas and the Velcro straps are too short for the rod tubes. Just wondered if most anglers use the tubes or just had the rods inn their bags. My uncle never used tubes and this case seems well padded but would bend. Adrian.
  10. Hi, Has anyone come across one of these yet? https://www.maunvalleytackle.co.uk/ They are made for them by Garry Mills. I was interested till I saw one (ebay) with all the screw heads 'mashed' like my Avon Perfection. Really needs to get the right sized driver for the slot or someone less 'cack handed'. Lovely reel but for near £400 I would expect a bit more care.
  11. Chesters,your spot on, i thought i had actually brought one intended for left hand use! Had to throw it away in the end, just couldn't get on with it.
  12. Not nice to google 'maggot bags' get pictures of little bags of maggots being stuffed in open wounds!
  13. Absolutely Brilliant. Been looking for something to replace the bait aprons that only seem to last a season and, because i'm a short arse, end up getting wet when wading. Then a chance comment by you two and problem solved, maggot bag. I was in process of making one!! As regards the reel, progress i'm afraid. Plastic replaces 'last for ever' engineering.
  14. A work colleague of mine went fishing a lake in winter. Set up in pitch black and cast too his prime spot over the far side of lake. Fished there many times so could judge cast easily in the dark. After a fruitless night he watched the sun come up to find that section of the lake was frozen over and there was his bait sitting on the surface!
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