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  1. I think we take it as axiomatic that pain comes in lots of different guises: physical, emotional, instinctive. Of course fish are distressed otherwise they would just happily be reeled in and not try to shake the hook or dash for weed and snags to escape..I'm not sure having a small brain equates to a lack of these responses. However, like most on here I won't pretend that no harm, potential or otherwise, does not come to the fish we catch. By the way, the pain is on your toe, the neurological messages go from the toe to the brain.
  2. Given that I have just moved very close to this area, I was wondering if anyone has fished this bit of canal. I have seen a few people near Little Venice and it seemed a nice spot to take some light tackle and wile away a few hours. Any advice would be very welcome... Cheers, Fraser.
  3. ...coming on here and reading about experiences, techniques and learning from the replies to posts asking advice on tactics, kit, bait etc. I have never been a big poster but I like the forum. I logged in this morning after a nice few days on the river to find the place dominated by rancour and arguments. We all have our own views about fishing, how, when, what with, fish care etc. But I've never seen this amount of time given over to slanging matches on here. It's a shame...
  4. Can anyone recommend a good brolly. I'm looking for something light but well made and durable. I don't need a shelter type thing, just something that will keep me dry in tight swims. Cheers, F.
  5. Great advice already given, but for what it's worth...If the fish are not obviously on the surface I would start about six inches under and then work down a foot at a time. If you start this way you can simply shorten the rig rather than tie a new one. I tend to avoid pop ups (cut down or otherwise) and get best results from using foam. The most successful colours for me are orange and black! As for spodding, the only way to do it is as has been suggested; a sloppy, milky mix. However, unless you are going for a long session (at least two days) I would avoid this tactic, but that's just me!
  6. True but they don't have to, because in general they last! Notwithstanding that, I think the sentiment is accurate: you don't have to spend a fortune to get reasonable quality gear. I'm sure we can all attest to cheap disasters and expensive mistakes. I just think some you win some you lose.
  7. Thanks guys, I have been looking at either the J W Young Avon Quiver or the Drennan Avon Quiver. I think I'm going to go for the Drennans. I don't want to use bite alarms I was thinking of having one on the waggler and one on the feeder using a mixture of maggot, corn, paste over a bed of hemp. I'll let you know how I get on. Purchasing the rods tomorrow and going for a two day session. many thanks! Fraser.
  8. Hi guys, my carp syndicate has a good head of tench and I was thinking of spending a few sessions targeting them. What I need is two good tench rods that I can use a medium feeder with or maybe a float on the odd occasion. I have seen a few specialist rods, but wondered what others used for this type of fishing and maybe some advice on the best tactics baits etc...Cheers. Fraser.
  9. I wish they would beef up the checks to be honest. It annoys me when fishing rivers in particular that groups of people come along with no idea how to fish or behave on the bank and you know they haven't got a licence!
  10. Bonefish, without doubt the best pound for pound fighting fish.
  11. Popping out for at least 4 hours on the Wensum, after some good winter chub...lots of snow here in Norfolk so my hands and feet may freeze!
  12. No it's definitely not right. The tips should be firmly in place. I agree with the above, it sounds like they are for a different rod!
  13. Restrict them from what, harming fish? Pike are one of our most delicate species and need to be fished for and handled sensitively. That just sounds like an excuse to write a Daily Mail like rant to me!
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