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  1. Hi Craig, The Derwent at Matlock is fishable on a day ticket for trout and grayling although I have not fished it myself but I have watched others from the road bridge many times and it does fish very well. Another place to try is Barlow lakes 0114 2890543, there are 4 trout lakes which are fly only and 3 course lakes with the larger lake being stocked with trout as well as coarse species to improve the fishing in winter. Also there is a reservoir just outside Tintwistle on the main road to Sheffield which you will have to find on a map because I can't remember the name! which allows
  2. rabid


    Thanks John, I will try that when I fish my local carp puddle on Sunday I will let you know the results. Alan.
  3. The tidal Trent is fishing very well at the moment Chris, areas that are worth a try are Collingham, Girton, Besthorpe, and Dunham. All the above have been producing some large Barbel into double figures as well as some big chubb to 6lbs and you can get quality roach on the stick all day long I have just had a week off myself and have been doing a bit of bank walking as well as fishing Alan....
  4. rabid


    I have not seen the Mistral pellets but will have a look next week on my weekly visit to the tackle shop. I did try the halibut pellets on my last visit to the Trent on Thursday and managed to hook 2 Barbel but lost them both in a snag :mad: but at least I did get bites unlike some Alan...
  5. Thanks Chesters1 & Hoppy for the replies. I have found some at my local aircraft model shop in the lengths and diametres I required and a lot cheaper than I would have paid at a fishing tackle shop Alan....
  6. rabid

    K9 DVD

    Hi Polly, Before you go out and buy yourself a new DVD player try doing a search for multi region on google or better still coppernic pro if you have it. I recently bought a Toshiba DVD which is region 2 and I was told about a site that had lots of codes which you input via the remote control, this then turns your player into a multi region player, Toshiba players don't support this feature ( JUST MY LUCK!!) but I remember seeing codes for Phillips players. Apparently this is a funtion that most makers like to keep secret and then charge silly money for upgrading your player at a later d
  7. Hi all, I am trying to find some silcone tubing in long lengths @ 4 or 5 inches approx, @ 6 or 7mm dia. The tubing that I had was purchased from a tackle dealer who has now gone bust, I have tried all the dealers that I know of in Sheffield but no luck so far. I can purchase tiny pieces easy enough which are suitable for stick floats etc but not in a length for me to cut. Alan.
  8. I agree with Cranfield the Masterline Advantage is a superb line when you consider it's price is only £16.99, I have 2 of these in 7 & 8 weights. I can also recommend the mill ends from Mullarkeys which are only £3.99 and at that price you can change them each season, I believe that these lines are made by Shakespeare and the extra fast sinker has a lovely feel to it. Alan.... [ 18. September 2002, 10:46 AM: Message edited by: rabid ]
  9. Red chisel! I suppose that means I'm 50% abnormal!! It also means that my missus is wrong as usual Alan.....
  10. rabid


    Thanks Chris. I will give the larger pellets a try on Tuesday when I have a session on the Trent. 11mm and 14 mm attached with a bait band sounds fine but what about 5mm for smaller species? Alan.....
  11. rabid


    Can anyone give me some advice on which pellets to try and how to prepare them? I bought some Sensas expander pellets and although they were spot on for hooking they tended to float even after a good squeeze. I have tried some which were bought from my local tackle shop in plain plasic bags and these were either too hard or too mushy depending on if they were soaked in cold or hot water. Any help would be much appreciated. Alan.....
  12. A method that has always worked for me with Perch, is if there are no signs of activity after a few minutes, try gently twitching the worm ( half a turn on the reel handle is enough ) try this a few times and more often than not you get a savage take. As for the eels try chopping a dozen up into small pieces and mix into in fishmeal based ground bait along with some dried blood. Alan....
  13. I have never fished the Don myself but a couple of my mates fish around Meadowhall and catch a variety of fish including chub, roach, small barbel and trout. The person that could help is Darth_Codhead who fishes the Don on a regular basis, try a search and send him a message as he is very helpful. I can recommend the canal at Tinsley, it's a fish every cast at the moment. Everything from roach, perch, tench and carp to double figures, try the stretch behind the Arena. Alan...
  14. 1 - Bob Marlin & The Whalers 2 - The Wriggling Anguillas
  15. Hi Tony, I am thinking about buying a Ron Thompson Rod myself as I was talking to a guy on the Trent last Wednesday who was using one whilst fishing for Barbel and he was over the moon with it. In fact he had a new Maver rod on trial from a local tackle shop costing over £200 which was laid on the bank as he prefered the Ron Thompson rod!!!! which only cost £58. So I am hoping to find one myself this week to have a look at. Alan.....
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