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  1. Another line could be in this equality PC world we live in So,the doctor said - give the au pair one instead The response could have been he doesn't need one!
  2. Germany declares the Moselle region high risk (,EU miffed again) Czech rep says to EU we can buy what ever vaccine we want without EU approval ,(EU more miffed) Manaus variant in UK 6 cases so far (bloody foreign variant taking uk variants jobs!) 60,000 covid deaths in IRAN so far (far less than from sanctions!) Hungary PM gets chinese injection after getting fed up waiting for EU to arrange theirs! (EU looks other way pretending its someone elses fault)
  3. Whos complaining ? OH yes the remainers who wanted to pay for not only our sweets but half of the EU members sweets aswell We never got free sweets when we were in they cost billions every year!
  4. What goes around comes around ,did we get a vote on these laws? ,your WE doesnt apply if WE didnt have a choice so if we couldnt opt out the UK had nothing to do with it, The UK can only opt out on 4 directives (as britain as a member)so if its not in those the EU solely made the rules not us https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_opt-outs_from_EU_legislation And finaly the EU commision does not have to take any notice of MEP's "MEPs have a veto right for delegated acts. For implementing acts, MEPs can ask the Commission to amend or withdraw them, but the Commission has
  5. The only person who appears to believe him is you ,you appear to hang on his every word
  6. France and Poland tighten tiered lockdowns Poles must use masks not plastic visors or scarves says the polish gov. Philipines extends partial lockdown Aukland back in lockdown
  7. Most shop bought bread will just fall off if you the jig the float ,i presume a more robust bread was used back then ,next time i get distracted and my bread turns into a brick i will post it on ,bait or edible doorstep your choice lol
  8. Send me the gpz and i will flog it and get a motorcycle and a detector i can use lol
  9. We were told she lost kids ,we were also told her husband was killed but strangely a man keeps popping up ,either her old man or a human rights lawyer or both! Bugger how much its costing the tax payer ,i think mi5 should have taken her and her ilk to some remote sand dune and come back alone! Probably blackwater could have done it for half its cost us already! If she gets back i have no doubt like the government do with pedos a name change a nice house and a full burka will keep her nice and safe enough to breed more kids she can brainwash into thinking we are the terrorists ,a terr
  10. I am surprised shes not here already and forgiven like the 400? Odd people who went to "support" the same people and returned. It doesnt matter if she loses all she has to do is turn up in a rib 12 miles outside calaise phone 999 and the RNLI will whisk her to the shore and the government will have her in a 4 star hotel by teatime with the rest of her shipmates Time to get out of ECHR then things will really improve ,all those tax payer funded immigration lawyers wouldnt have a leg to stand on
  11. Why will tourism stop? All they have to do is do what visitors from outside the EU do and they are welcome. Corona will make the difference not brexit!
  12. Its a virus its not got super powers ,it lasts only a short time on dry surfaces ,its caught by moist breath from other people,and unless you treat your front door like an airlock you can get it from infected people making deliveries ! We steralise everything coming through our door with propanol ,fruit and veg and yes even meat are chlorine dipped because you dont know who packed it and in a moist air tight packet it will survive for a few days.The meat is then vacuumed packed and frozen (just freezing doesnt kill corona)
  13. Brexit killed coastal towns ! Get a life coastal towns died 50 years ago ,been to folkestone or any other south coast town in the last few decades? Dead dead dead As to the headline on your picture "it feels like we are at war" yes you are with the EU and its descriminatory anti UK rules! Dont you think it strange your shellfish exporters didnt need all these certificates when we were paying the EU ,now overnight the shellfish are deadly unless a vet looks at them and they have a nice bath! B_ollocks its EU spite nothing more!
  14. Unfortunately if you put yourself in harms way for even the best of intentions your an idiot ! Save yourself and your family first is always the best way ,its hard but its the only way How can the rules be enforced ,half the population wiill start whining their rights are being abused the other half will just ignore the rules anyway knowing the chance of being caught is minute You obviously dont understand japanese law ,everyone in jail is guilty ,anyone arrested is guilty because they dont let you out until you admit to being guilty! So its best not to get arrested ,noticed anything
  15. It is the people ,the government dont go round with buckets of corona giving it away ,idiots catch it and then go round infecting others who if they are also idiots do the same. At first there were no idiots just unlucky people but now every soul in the world knows if you get near someone you can catch corona so if they catch it theyre an idiot for not taking precauctions or a bigger idiot catching it then passing it on further to other idiots! There will be people who cannot catch it ,and people who catch it and show no symptoms but if they didnt mingle they wouldnt catch it or pass
  16. Japanese people do what they are told ,everyone that breaks the law (or even those that dont) are guilty . Over here we have idiots who go round deliberately infecting people ,religeous groups that think thei god will protect them so they deliberately infect others but best of all we have the UK version that appears to be far more virulent than the others . People will whine the rules are to tough ,the other half will whine their "rights" to deliberately infect others are being clamped down on . Trouble is idiots only look at uk headlines and dont or dont admit the rest of the w
  17. You have your opinion i choose to ignore it as you do mine ,no number of other peoples opinion you post will change that ,whether it will change anyone elses either i dont know i dont see many agreeing with you . Brexit was in or out ,you wanted a deal the EU demanded some fishing to get one ,if we had said get stuffed you would have 100% of your fishing but no deal ,its simple even for you to see! What else did we have they wanted? Coal? Steel? **** vauxhal cars ? They have apples ,they have spuds they wanted fish but at a price you now see! A **** deal you wanted!
  18. Give up cod ,i am perfectly happy with brexit ,i would have been very happy with no deal ,you and your silly hearsay wont change that fact ,As to fishermen they were told from 2016 to prepare for a no deal ,if they didnt find an alternative outlet for their produce its THEIR fault ,they were warned . I am quite happy to see everyone of them go bust because they couldnt be bothered to get of their arses and do something for themselves I think even you by now would have been noticed a deal from the EU stitched us up ,there seems to be no problem with the EU exporting to us but plenty
  19. So you believe posting someones opinion from some media platform without checking if its true ,not investigating why they said it ,not knowing if they were like you tory biased or if they voted remain in 2016 is "fact" lets hope you dont end up in high court for something they would rip you "facts" to shreds. Poor poor cod ! Dont you get it ,it doesnt matter how many people think something is true doesnt make it true ,3/4 of the population think a god exists but strangely non can prove it ,belief isnt fact!
  20. Still posting someone elses opinion ,nothing changes and hasnt from you for 4 years either ,poor poor cod And yes it was a **** up ,people demanded we got a deal with these scum ,people like you!
  21. Poor poor cod ,still going round your roundabout of rubbish ,4 years ! To sort themselves out if they cannot be bothered they deserve it How is it going to cost me ,you dont know me nor what outlay i have ,i could be raking it in off the backs of immigrants in my HMO's . I am happy to say i need nothing from the EU and you cannot prove any increase in anything wasnt going to happen anyway while we were in the EU. They could have demanded we increase our payment 2 fold in 6 months time ,they need the cash to bribe the rest to remain and to welcome other fools to join
  22. Poor poor cod ,if you scrape the bottom of your remain lies bucket you will come up in china! Brexit is great ,shelves are full ,m20 empty, dover running like clockwork and no ww3 And we have innoculated far more than we would have had von de leyon been incharge of us ,win win win and win Now we have to insist we get out of the human rights act ,the gateway for the criminals to demand everything they want
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