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  1. No mention of a deal remember their european headquarters are not in the EU so are unaffected Commercially if we ban new petrol cars in ten years time there will be demand for electric ,can nissan compete from their european plants if the EU put high tarrrifs on imported cars from here and we do the same?
  2. Anyway back to your nissan and its fake brexit threats ,they want government hand outs full stop ! They dont fear brexit or why would they tell us on the 13th nov i quote the bbc "Nissan's new hybrid Qashqai model will be built at the firm's Sunderland plant, it has been confirmed. " Commercially if we ban new petrol cars in ten years time there will be demand for electric ,can nissan compete from their european plants if the EU put high tarrrifs on imported cars from here and we do the same?
  3. What has a seal got to do with brexit? Did they vote remain?
  4. Are you drunk or taken to much medication?
  5. Yes nissan is worried it may actually pay a bit more to export every single car built here to switzerland (technically) to avoid paying full uk tax on them despite being subsidised by the tax payer They were worried in 2016 when the results we out! No doubt they immediatly went cap in hand to the government for more bribe money ,no doubt they do it every year Weve had nissan back to the red bus? Again?
  6. Worm? What you call nightcrawler maybe Lobworms here or "look at the size of that one!" The ones generally bought are called Brandlings ,i prefer just 'worms' Google says we have 27 species here but the USA seems open to question what is yours and imports!?! You can hunt !obworms on a damp warm night they come out looking for leaves (i believe?) But keep their tails in their hole ,you creep up on them (the slightest vibration and they retract at lightning speed) and trap their tail end against the ground and you have them they cannot disapear underground , then repeat until you fin
  7. Dont dig ,lay a bit of carpet or even a dustbin bag with a layer of earth to keep it down pretty well anywhere and worms magically appear under it almost overnight! So long as its near grass or earth (pointless on a drive the worms have to wriggle there!) They will come so long as its damp
  8. Why will the money drain out of london?
  9. I just thought you were to drunk celebrating the demise (or election of biden) of trump
  10. Now i have to look up tagines ,i am a simple fat guy i eat simple fare like spuds and their derivates and dead things ! Couscous was an unfortunate venture into poshland Quick google later.....what i need pots with pointy hat and a barbour coat ! The hat wont fit in me microwave and the zips will spark! Blimey taking all that time to prepare food could be better used eating it, the microwave is your friend but dont try making arctic roll its not so good! My mrs is very old fashioned and not a lover of the new ,she will fire up the gas cooker oven just for a couple of fish while
  11. Food banks were called scrumping and bins
  12. Prefer a dustpan ,keeps the rain off better
  13. First glance i saw pearl baily !ol Not tried pearl barley but i once used some out of a jar (with no success) when fishing and put it back in my creel several months later i remembered i had it and opened it! I nearly brought my guts up it stank so much So chesters1 tip is if you want pearl barley to have a taste recreate my story!
  14. The local doctor's health nurse was on the phone for 15 minutes last evening (she phoned back later for another 10 i didn't know my voice was so beguiling. Anyway in the chat she mention i hadnt had my flu jab this year I told her i never had last years one either ! She told me to think about it I told her i had and was it safe to go to the surgery on 3 seperate buses through a hospital into the waiting room with outher people and could get corona to get a jab that has historically a very low success rate . She went quiet and said theres another worthwhile jab in the
  15. Yes the department of health has a !ot of explaining to do! Or rather PHE does
  16. I probably dont have any either ,what is it we dont have?
  17. Youngest urged us to try couscous I dont 'try' things at full price so some eventually came up in one of my online reduced shops at £4 for 12 packets of golden wonder stuff. WHAT is the fuss about ?some miracle maker seems to have invented a machine that makes what seem to be breadcrumbs and suck every bit of taste out of them ,they are rubbish infact rubbish is to good a word! You could use these tasteless crumbs to bulk out a stew as they are tasteless they wont flavour it and may if you boiled it for a month have taste put into them. Not for me the misinformed child wil
  18. Why are you so concerned for those that voted brexit? Well except to gloat ofcourse My mrs watched jeremy vine today in the program was a bit about changing the name fisherman to fisherperson ,they interviewed a woman to get her view (she was incharge? Of some fishing org?) ,she asked why change it but also remarked she couldnt wait for brexit so not everyone has the bias you do it seems against us running our own waters .just hearsay from me ofcourse but you may find it out there somewhere from the horses mouth
  19. "But it’s looking like a U.K. sellout anyway so fishermen will still be able to export free of tariffs ." So going by the last line why post the rest of the crap before it?
  20. What part of who cares dont you understand ,they are not stupid despite your obvious delight they will get around any rules opinion may dream up stopping them selling their catch if infact theres the slightest bit of truth in whatever you posted which remember is opinion ontop of hearsay Here we go as you have obviously forgotten Opinion :"a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." Hearsay : "information received from other people which cannot be substantiated; rumour." And you personally :Confirmation bias is the
  21. They buy dry ice instead of ordinary ice or install freezers instead of chillers who cares ? Post it on the fisgermens forums and ask. I certainly would prefer fish frozen minutes after they were caught than week old fresh fish
  22. What part of who cares dont you understand ,they simply freeze the fish then 'fresh' is out of the arena.i am sure they are not as stupid as you think and can work around any problems. Why are you so infatuated with a tiny minority (you admit yourself) go ask the fishermen why post on here?
  23. If fishermen are effected they can eat their own fish or just freeze it who cares? If the price rockets i wont buy it until it falls You should have wirked for the remain camp you are a master of the insignificant and inconsequential fear
  24. I dont need other peoples opinion to form my own why would i watch it? If its true its true if its false its false i will react when or if it effects me personally ,in essence fresh fish isnt nessesary to maintain life so why worry about it
  25. I only eat frozen fish its probably fresher than fresh fish
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