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  1. Yes but at least its my opinion not hearsay
  2. Blame France aswell they're overrun ,everyone knew a second wave was coming we didnt know exactly when
  3. Hopefully cummins dies before he leaves ,something painful would be nice and passes it onto the rest of the ear tuggers As to the bank of england probably right! biden hates england and the EU will be **** off they dont own us anymore .The only problem the bank of england says a lot of things that rarely come true at least under the old boss carney (not a great name in america it comes from swindlers at fairs) this new boss seems to appreciate the country. Unfortunately the monetry buffer we had to bolster the country until more deals come is long gone due to covid ,bad timing !But i
  4. Interesting it sure puts cods suppositions on the back burner and going by cods criteria as its been posted twice it has to be true,does it make a difference its the same post ? Na cod doesnt care even hearsay is evidence in the court of cod
  5. Nor are you ,you base your life around newspaper opinions and youtube opinions ,my question name a president who has been jailed for what he got upto as president ,you again didnt answer . Your pretty fast at pointing to opinion without providing fact surely if fact existed he and everyone else would be in prison .opinion isnt fact or it would be called fact not opinion.10 million people could say fairies exist it doesnt make it a fact just an opinion You appear to be nieve enough if you think something is true and someone else says it it must be true ,its mostly never true just more
  6. He was born in bradford hell is no problem
  7. So you think someone with a shady tax return is more serious than getting hundreds of thousands of people killed? You still havnt answered my question name one president jailed for what he did in office ,if nixon got off scott free trump certainly will ,if bush junior had people massacred and never was punished why would trump be punished for a few quid ?
  8. Good luck to them ,hopefully they do but remember the EU is run by the germans and french so biased to their needs Without the EU forcing member states to prefer german industrial output could they survive just on their industry in the wide world? Not sure i have bought anything made in germany since cheap reels came from there in the 60's the only thing i bought direct from Germany was made in china An American metal detector manufacturer was found out despite displaying a 'proudly made in the USA' sticker the machine was made in Malaysia and was 100% Chinese components (as are mos
  9. Then why are the EU so desperate to get it they keep trying to get a deal ,they could have chucked their hand in months ago
  10. The good thing is now we have 100% of our fish back we can give the EU a sniff to get a deal ,giving back something we can take away is great ,they had 100% now they have to grovel to get a nibble ,great leverage Hopefully the government (or rather will tell the ministry of fish and chips ,the gov dont actually run the country) will build more armed fishery protection vessels in case we have to sink your mates the frogs and dago's when the lease is up PS norway can do such things its not in the CFP as we are at the moment
  11. Strange absolutely nothing happened to tony blair whos 'crimes' were far more serious and world changing for the worse ,name one president jailed for their term in office ,nixon wasnt but of whole lot of his underlings went to court ,when they say the buck stops here they mean it stops just below the president ! As to a damaged reputation its always been damaged but it didnt stop him getting to be the third most powerful man on earth
  12. Back to the lies again ,anything new ? Youve had two complete threads to dream up something different. PS everytime someone proves your statements wrong you change the subject ,strange that Perhaps its time for something different to the brexit lot were lied to (ofcourse not admitting the remain lot had just as many) the red bus whos writing is only obvious to everyone but you ,nissan (that foreign company who avoids tax by exporting every single car to be "finished" ) those latvian welders without who the country would fall apart. What about those dredgers who can drag off 2,000 ton
  13. Reality news flash! Supply and demand ,nice to see they are being used before they are built on as some councils are flogging them off hense the supply is less than the demand ,more demand prices rise .The crafty councils could be hiking up prices trying to stop the demand so they can point at the unused plots and use the excuse to flog them off as building land getting far more money than in rents English salad items will rise its called AUTUMN you know when the planrs stop growing ,having had a delivery today of fresh veg its not changed in price one iota On reflection its the
  14. I remember buying a block of cheese from sainsbury once ,sainsbury lable one side waitrose the other and guess what it was 50p dearer on the waitrose side ,own brand foods usually all come from the same place thats why the price is kept to a minimum (for the supermarket rarely the shopper) 'big' brands seem to go round in circles with "specials" ,special means its sold at the correct price then inflated the rest of the time to fool the shoppers they are getting a deal.theres nothing better than covid to inflate prices ! At the moment yorkshire tea seems to be very expensive so soon the pr
  15. Perhaps we need some lorry parks built ,they have toilets Again you have already posted this and got the same answer more than once PS the A2 has always been full of **** its been there for thousands of years ! Do you mean M20 or M2 the A2 isnt a motorway ('A' gives it away to everyone but cod),poor cod even the person he uses the opinion of hasnt a clue but then being in a minority party why would they.perhaps manston could be used that should get up their noses ,perfect place ! Never mind with no deal you wont see any lorries in kent going to dover on the motorway (you know th
  16. Theres the lies again ,pointless proving everything you say is nonsense its been done a dozen times yet 5 minutes later out comes the same rubbish
  17. Here we go back round again ,its like trying to reason with a tree ,post away you lost ,brexit happened ,januaries coming hooray PS brother in law runs lorries ,not only is he run off his feet hes buying more lorries so much for your ****! Stop believing the media lorries dont just come through dover the main container ports import hundreds of thousands of more tons than dover ever will
  18. So whos fault is it? Your post says the gov have spent 70 million telling them so its down to the business's doing bugger all! If their employees lose their jobs its the companies fault not the government
  19. Because they were told in the information i just posted ,do you REALLY think mp's use their time writting little notes and posting them across the country or boris himself phones up everyone,you must be pulling my leg in asking no-one can be as thick as you seem!
  20. Yes i have said many times politicians shouldnt be involved! the ministries who run the country know whats what and how to avoid pitfalls ,they keep our enemies close! The problem is its not their money being wasted and cannot be punished for doing nothing ,a public flogging would work ,pain gets results! PS the government have been telling the UK to prepare for 4 years ,if companies have not its their fault and they should fold ! "Preparations for a no-deal exit have been taking place since the EU referendum in 2016. The government ramped up its preparations in summer 2018, wh
  21. I am not worrying i am rejoicing we are not (hopefully if were not sold down the river) we are away from their clutches ,i feel sorry for italy they will join greece as vassil states totaly controlled by brussels ,all that history just thrown away as they merge into a faceless chunk of geology called the european union ,china couldnt have done it better lol PS the government have been on the media for 4 years telling people to prepare, if they haven't I hope they fold the fault is entirely theirs
  22. Last? Plenty of time untill January! When biden becomes president
  23. EU agreed several things lately ,more money from members (not us hopefully!) but worse any member who doesnt OBEY the EU parliament in every way can be financially hit in the pocket! .ANY decision made by the ECJ MUST now be implemented even if it comes up against a members internal law mechanism. Before the rulers of member states just were 'advised' using 'directives' now they can be forced to obey. Technicaly they can make anything illegal and have you punished even if its not illegal in your country. Those with the idea the EU is not becoming more powerful and dominant and is somehow
  24. Yes the parliament act exists for the very purpose
  25. So you believe ignoring the majority of the votes is democratic? Defying international law is ok ,whats the penalty ,will they send the country to prison? If its stopping a foreign power having power over the UK its good to ignore it whatever the cost,if we have to ditch the whole of northern ireland to stop the EU its well worth it ,and save us a great deal of money as well
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