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  1. Hi JV sundridge hotfoot boots check thier site i have had a pair over 5 years ,the newer versions probably better. feet get rather warm in them and sweat though ,only notice this when changing out of them, rather damp .you can remove inner to wash ? dry them out they have 5 different versions Klaus
  2. Hi Chrislee have a look at the daiwa 13 meter tdxr1 similar package top kits etc. can be cheaper than map. very strong reliable, saves you money for elastics,bungs etc Klaus
  3. Klaus

    New ramp

    A nice lick of paint so it blends in, gonna take as long as the fourth bridge.When its finished, then start painting it again. Klaus
  4. Andrew you could donate your recent windfall to the flood victims,just e.mail them a cheque. Klaus
  5. You wont regret it, in a hundred years time they'll be antiques and be worth much more as a pair Klaus
  6. Spoke to a guy at a fishmongers, he reckoned the jellied eels were imported from Canada ? tasted nice though Klaus
  7. Three people get employment as fishery management agents !!!! but will the red breasted merganser and goldeneye get away with as they look pretty similar ? wonder what crispy gooseander tastes like Klaus
  8. 2.2 think I must have colour dyslexic eyes Klaus
  9. Hi sportsman have you tried deleting from device manager then going to Action at the top of device manager and search for new hardware. That may well work Klaus
  10. UB40 got it right first time , Theres a rat in me kitchen what am i gonna do. Klaus
  11. If she's not happy with the rock, you could always do the old dried seaweed version, superb creative talent sir this time next year you could be a millyonair Klaus
  12. Most probably ploughed into a field ,good fertilizer fish,that is if you can tell the field from a lake at the moment Klaus
  13. Some nice pics with explanations about them, liked the emperor penguin about to return to the ice. Klaus
  14. Ryan where did you fish ? how many were fishing, was it easy fishing or tough going Klaus
  15. Hi everybody Well I got one, couldnt afford to upgrade my phone as on sim only deal and new handset cost more and a phones just a phone right? Got the tomtom via 130 from argooos 4.3 inch screen mostly full europe 45 countries map updates for free etc. Was £199 but only £99 and got a free case with it which was not as advertised(very nice) you can talk to it when you are bored and tell it to take you home or to a petrol station etc.It then plots the route for you, an additional adaptor for traffic updates via radio rds was available for £49.99 a bit much I thought. Well looking on halfords s
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