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  1. Of course I know that still, shrooms rock.
  2. They only mushrooms I pick are Liberty Caps xD great fun when you have a spare 10 hours to stare at a wall.
  3. From searching the barbel forums and it seems that the town centre near the tennis courts (??) is a favoured stretch. Constant bait going in would suggest bread, so flake would be ideal for roach and chub, and barbel love it too i hear.
  4. works fine for me in firefox Firefox > IE
  5. looks like a chub/bream hybrid, or a bream/roach one
  6. it's a crucian/brown goldfish i think
  7. A lobworm under some lillies just after some heavy rain
  8. That is a very nice multiplier....I am tempted as my last one fell apart :S
  9. thank for this natty, I always enjoy reading your write ups! Isn't it great when something different you try actually works?!
  10. I've just always gone by the rule of each is half the weight of the one above it...easier than learning all those numbers!
  11. lovely fish lutra, like what yuou did with the swim too
  12. Lyn, I hate to be a pest but do you think you could pick me up on the way? These sort of fish ins are the only chance I'm going to get to catch some zander (mebbe) and I've always wanted to fish the broads! If you can't no worries, it is quite far! I'm good at carrying gear though
  13. Heh, looks like i've got some Bullhead competition. Better start feeding up my fullproof monster bullhead swim Bullheads are also called Millers Thumb's right?
  14. Don't need to watch the vid to know you're talkin' 'bout Seasick Steve! Saw him on Hootnany on New Years, and bought his album "Dog House Music" the next day, came with a free shirt too Love his stuff, blues wasn't something I was familiar with in a music sense, but listening to him gave me an insight to the genre.
  15. would have loved to have come to this, but not even knowing where it is/no way to get there leaves me waiting for the next fish in
  16. Chunk of lamprey would ooze out for ages in the cold water and draw big bruiser chub out.
  17. I've watched Discovery Real Time (+1/Extra) to death and probably seen all the different programmes thrice over! The presenter is definately the main draw for me. People like Paul Young, Geoffery Palmer just didn't make the programme enjoyable for me. I appreciate the angle of the The Compleat Angler, but he doesn't seem to be taking it all that seriously and doesn't really come across as someone that enjoys fishing. Paul Young just reminds me of grey skies above a featureless 500 acre loch somewhere fly fishing for trout. Has it's niche, but doesn't draw a large audience. Fishing with Henry
  18. edit: beaten by budge lolling at Mr. Perch
  19. Fished it a couple of times, there are some clonking roach and rudd in there along with the crucians. Need to fish really light and fine for the proper ones though
  20. Marsh Farm? Infamous for big Crucians and Silver Bream. I'd be oh-so-interested
  21. Fish with superficial wounds like this (although very stupid and dangerous in my opinion) recover extremely quickly. There shouldn't be any problem removing the tie itself.
  22. Hi Twist, looks like you live near me! I've not been over to Goldsworth Park this season, but was interested in fishing it so I e-mailed the council and they sent me a HUGE pack of stuff with lake records, a lake map (with depths, very useful) and other goodies. If you want any more info, PM me. I'd like some more mates to go fishing with too xD
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