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  1. in answer to the original question ' not the video article. Do you really think that our NHS is the "envy of the world".yes; i have many many american friends who would love to be treated by our NHS system. as far as there concerened in the USA you get the care you can afford not the care you need .
  2. we have the same in our village ken. also we only have the local kids coming round who you all know. if it was going to be a free for all and strangers knocking on the door we would not have put the led pumkin in the window
  3. as somone whos had a total laryngectomy, voice activated software can be a nightmare. the ford sync on my handsfree for the car will recognice my voice, but ocasionally trys to call some random contacts rather than the one i just requested .having no voicebox creates its own issues but can be fun at times
  4. wev'e just purchased our first motorhome after being caravaners for 20+ years. health issues forced us to make the decicion. less than 3 year old eldis autoquest prestige 180. only 7500 miles on the clock. picking up 6th nov.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/34105808/kanye-tells-mtv-video-music-awards-he-wants-to-run-for-president
  6. like you,i like facebook. helps to keep in contact with family a friends. i have a couple of golden rules though; never post anything on facebook you would not say to their face. and only accept friends requests from people you know and have a common interest with. (like the cancer support groups i am in) even then you can edit what posts they see of yours and what post of theirs you can see.the biggest problem with the facebook haters is they dont know how to manage their accounts.
  7. i have a samsung galaxy tab.i read books via google books and the kindle app. i actually have two tablets. one a real cheapie but the kindle will download to all devices i use my log in on. so it downloads to the phone and two tablets. it will also tell me the latest bookmarks if i read on different devices
  8. most of the people who are against page 3 are just jumping on a band waggon and are against the sun rather than page 3. if they are really against page 3 they would target the daily star. semi naked bodies on every other page last time i looked.
  9. wifes goes like that everytime . love my toad in the hole .she always leaves the batter in the fridge for a few hours before use.
  10. signed. as an almost 2 year clear cancer survivor i wish your friend all the best in her battle.
  11. ive used this wide joint compound for a few years now. cant fault it. doesnt stain either
  12. ive had bt smart talk for several months now. only used it a couple of times but when i did it worked ok. what it does is let you use your home call plan via your mobile phone. so if your like me and your home calls are free it costs nothing to use it. i have only used it when out and wanted to call an 0800 number and had no problems. my wifes phone is also registered to the service as well via our home line.
  13. until i was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and went off sick i had never claimed benefits in my life. it was a nightmare getting the benefits we were entitled to, and without the help of the royal british legion and the CAB i think i would have given up. once we did get it though i was quite embarressed. the monetary amount is not great but it is definettly enough to live on if you dont drink and smoke.i cancelled the sky tv and now have freesat and freeview. we both needed new glasses last year and manged to get two pairs each, mine were vari-vocals wifes were bi-focals for under £90
  14. i live in a two bed bunglaow with my wife. due to health reasons we have to have seperate bedrooms. even though i got a letter from my consultant explaining this we still lost part of our benefit due to the "bedroom tax" anyone who asks to be moved to a smaller property should have there full benefit reinstated until they get a new smaller property. if the authorty have no smaller properties then that is not the tenants fault. luckily about 5 years ago cancer patients got free prescriptions.i get a minimum of 6 items every month from my gp, and then at least 10 items a month i have to
  15. this time last year i was 5 days into a 45 day stay at an NHS hospital. other than 6 days in recovery and high dependancy i had my own room and en suit bathroom all the time i was in. probably saw 3 doctors a day minimum as well as physio's, dieticans and speech therapists every day after my operation. i would not have gopt better tratment if i went private. it is a post code lottery i think in the NHS. in cambridge we have a very well run hospital in my opinion.
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