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  1. I have a OSM 404 boat which is my baby, and I love it very much suit’s my fishing easily transported great when sea or pike fishing, but now I am after buying 2 stainless steel flush mounted rod holders, what I need to know is what are the rules I should abide by when fitting these to the boat? Position, angle and any other helpful hints. All advise greatly accepted.
  2. Thanks for the info guy's ... all taken onboard ... I wish you all a merry merry christmas.
  3. thanks Osprey I will take a look at that model, the boat is like an open lake boat but designed also for the sea but with no cubby, so I get rained on a lot ...
  4. Guy's I am shortly going to the USA for a holiday and the last time I was over I managed to visit a Basspro shop (talk about a selection, I was in heaven) if they had shops like that here in Ireland I would take the wife shopping a lot more often. anyway that's getting away from the subject matter .... where I am going there happens to be similar fishing shops and I was thinking of treating myself to something like a fish finder as they appear to be very good value for money compared to this side of the pond. I have a 15" O'Sullivan which I use for lake and sea fishing it is a open boat. (and at last I get to the question) Can someone give me advise as to which system I should be thinking of buying (vast array available) ...? I am thinking of something around $200 ..... Some of the systems I am looking at are Humminbird 565, Eagle Fishmark 320 or the Lowrance X96 all advise welcome????? Rgds 10 Brownie Points
  5. I am a entering a pike competition on Sunday and for a first time trying for pike normally sea fishing (mackerel bashing plus some experience fishing charter boats) this competition is going to be on a large lake from a boat, any handy hints?????
  6. The Pic's are a little on the dark side and the flies are to small so the true colours don't come accross . Where in Ireland are you based? Do you also make flies for fly fishing on rivers?
  7. I always like to reheat the mash potatoes and vegetables that the folks at home had earlier that day, pile it into the frying pan and add lots of butter and fry until there is a crispy brown edge to the mix and was down with a few beers. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm........
  8. A very mild winter, of which the tail end was dry, the dry spell continued through spring and on into summer and now the tail end of the summer the rivers have been very coloured for the last number of weeks, Any studies on what effect these mixed up seasons are gong to have on the wild river brown trout??? [ 25. August 2004, 04:32 PM: Message edited by: 10 brownie points ]
  9. quote: BTW Have found a better way to eat clays - as they are, with a chilli dip - like big black crisps Sounds all right vagabond, what do you do with the illuminous orange ones ...
  10. Hey my brother was one of the navigation officers on board the Graffton some years back!!!! :cool:
  11. Thanks for that, Clare is my normal hunting ground put the family should be camping the bank holiday in west Cork and so I am expecting to get a little fishing in to provide for the barbeque. Sent some camping in Glandore some years back and had some good fishing, so I will looking out for the places you have mentioned above.
  12. Sorry Al & Kieran for the late reply. I may be down that way in a few weeks, could be in Skibbereen on the Aug bank holiday weekend, where should I fish from the rocks to get a few mackerel (don't want to have to travel far) Kieran, your not from Waterford are you?
  13. When in your car she opens the glove compartment and finds a pair of skimpy knickers (not hers) and demands to know how they got there. You answer " you get a free pair with every 20 pounds worth of petrol at the local garage.
  14. Welcome Al After reading all that .... stuff above ahhmmmmm .. The answer to your question above is yes there are a number of us Irish on here, it down to you if you want to call us normal (I am from Limerick (so be careful)). I got to give credit where credit is due not all the Brits are boring (It's just the English on here and that's just post EURO CUP blues) ..... Where are you from? Where and what do you fish? Oh bye the way Kieran, I like the Kilkenny joke ....
  15. Thanks guys I look to give that a go for the fun of it ...
  16. Anyone have the low down on Portugal fishing ...... Preferably around the resort of Alvor ????
  17. so who has cracked it, who here has the perfect job which allows you to be in doors during bad weather but when it is fine it is a requirement that you have to be out in the countryside/seaside, as I am stuck in the office this fine weather looking out at all that sunshine and I know that one of you out there as the best of both worlds ...
  18. so fishing is out and now you can't even watch the rest of us fishing in case we make you laugh at our attempts ... [ 16. June 2004, 12:07 PM: Message edited by: 10 brownie points ]
  19. Greg, The fly rod I have is a 9 and a half foot rod AFT 7/8 is this big enough to go after bass and pollock
  20. Thanks Greg, and welcome back, I haven't see you around recently
  21. As I have mentioned a number of times before here my local river is very small but great fun to fish, but this year I have only had one chance to fish it so far but I was planning to make some time this week. Yesterday while passing I took a look in and I wasn't very surprised to see how low the water levels are, the river now is made up of pools and very low water running in between. Is this a good time to fish it or would I be better to load up the sea fishing rods and feather traces take a few mackerel down on the bridges of Ross or castle cliffs on the west coast of Clare. :confused: :confused: :confused: All suggestions welcome ..
  22. The English should have adopted the same approach to sports that we did here in Ireland when we invented games (e.g. hurling, gaelic football etc) we kept them to ourselves and we always know that we are the best in the world at them. While you went and invented these games gave them to the world and now get hammered regularly and will only occasionally, very occasionally see silverware. But will always believe that you have the god given right to be the best in the world because you invented the game and but for a few mishaps, ill luck, or cheating opposition you always just miss out.....
  23. Hey not bad by me I got the score right , now if only I had put my money where my mouth was ... what is the next match????
  24. I also am very sorry to hear your news JaMiMa ... you have put all the squabbling which has been going on here lately into perspective ... THANK YOU
  25. 2 - 1 to the French , sorry to all my English cousins but I would have to put my money on the French, plus I got the French team in the work draw and hope to make a few bob on them ... [ 11. June 2004, 03:07 PM: Message edited by: 10 brownie points ]
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