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  1. SWF

    14lb bass

    Thats quite a Bass, well done.
  2. SWF

    loch awe

    I wouldnt bother with Loch Awe for wild brownies unless you target the Ferox and catching them usually means trolling large baits and lures. Loch Awe was once one of Scotlands Premier Wild Brown Trout Lochs now almost ruined by the constant escape of Rainbow Trout from fish farming cages on the Loch. It is a pity as the Mayfly hatch on Loch Awe was something special the biggest Mayfly i have ever come across and in huge numbers. The Pike fishing can be unreal on some parts of the Loch best early morning and before dark. Save Loch Awe
  3. No doubt theres bigger in the waters around Scotland.
  4. I got a Airflo 5weight floater (distance taper) £15 from Tackle Discounts sure they had the 7 weight to.
  5. I just love comedy fishers. Stick to what you do best Billy, whatever that is, swearing perhaps?
  6. SWF

    Sick Cod

    Thats one big mutha of a Lamprey.
  7. Mackerel/Lamprey/Smolt. Freeze them, thaw them out and repeat several times it makes them stink and bits crumble off the bait when in the water almost like a chum. Downside is it makes soft skinned fish harder to attach. Also take into consideration what fish are its natural prey in the water you are fishing.
  8. I think not its all about catching the fish no matter what size.
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