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  1. Place is full of 'em Chesters, easy to catch really. I think the slimer taken on floating bread was the highlight lol.
  2. The rivers were swollen this morning after last nights heavy rain, and so they were in no shape for me to float fish them. I decided to have a change of plan and go visit the club water again. I had lots of small carp, well over twenty fish and once again I had a bream on floating bread! A few pic's of some of the carp.....
  3. Hey Dave, just said this on another thread, but, i'll say it again, i'm very happy to see you post, you have been missed! Dave, next time you speak to Brian, tell him i've lost his number and so haven't contacted him.
  4. Dave, great to see you post again, I for one have very much missed you on AN, keep posting Dave ! :).
  5. Just got back from a couple of hours swimming the stream. Pretty naff session to be honest, I caught a few dace and a fair few small chub. I lost a couple of chub to the oldest trick in the book....how on earth they do that trick I just don't know, especially when your dragging them along! The river was still higher than expected and it felt way colder than it has been. A coupke of small chub, or maybe huge dice from the session lol....
  6. Phone, interesting stuff bud, i've never seen it before.
  7. Phone, is that a marcia or similar? If i'd been trotting on the river today I would have had 15ft of water over my head, the recent rain has swollen it quickly. I decided to do some easy fishing and visited the same pool as I visited last week. I didn't catch as many, only eleven today and of a smaller stamp maybe 4lb to 7lb'ish. They did pull back though and it was good fun catching them off the surface. Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a bream of al things on the floating bread !
  8. Great session Keith! I think after putting up your bivvy inside put and having to re-do it all again you did deserve those fish though . They were all nice healthy looking fish Keith .
  9. Good luck Keith! We wait with baited breath for your results .
  10. Phone....unfortunately it was a no "DICE" day yesterday . When the river drops off i'm sure the "DICE" will put in an appearance, be great to get some average ones of 5 to 10 lb
  11. Martin, i'll catch a brace of dice'izz :). payed a visit to a club water today for a changs as the river was to high for trotting. The place is stuffed with em and I stopped counting at fifteen, must have had near 30 of them, maybe a couple more, they just kept coming! They were all roughly between five and ten pounds so only very average sized carp. It was a nice change, but, it doesn't give the same kind of challenge as my river fishing.
  12. Sounds like a sycamore tree Keith.
  13. No wonder, especially as it's a "dice" !
  14. Another quick trotting session this afternoon, I had a lot of "dice" including a few real clonkers, a few small to average roach, lots of chub from fingerlings to a couple of pou d'ish. Clounds gatherd behind me before I could fish the best spot which i'd saved for the end, and which may well have produced some better fish. Anyhow, I didn't fancy getting drenched and made my way back to the car "on the double" which was about a mile away. I made the right decision as i'd no sooner got back to the car and it hissed down!
  15. Phone, I didn't take a picture of the dace LOL. I should have done though, and I should have weighed it also, it reaĺly was a massive dace as far as dace go.
  16. A quick trip down the river today produced some tiddly barbel, chub, dace and gudgeon with a few average chub and a monster dace to cap it off!
  17. I've used dog food, but never cat though, for no other reason than I just haven't lol. I think i'll stick to bread and castors for surface fishing.
  18. Tigger

    Icast 2020

    Ok Chesters, when your spool runs check sensor out, I think theres about 2 miles of sensor on a spool of 6lb! The lower diameter you go the more line and the higher the diameter you go the less line you get, you still get loads though, and for a tenner I think it's great. As I said, I use it all the time, mainly in 6lb but also 4, 8 and 10lb . I get slated for using it on another forum and they rave about pro gold mono amongst other more expensive lines. I'll stick with sensor as I know it's excellent stuff.
  19. Tigger

    Icast 2020

    Chesters, daiwa sensor is brown, comes in bulk spools and they can be bought and deliverd from ebay sellers for less than a tenner. That's pretty much all i've used for years now. Funny though, it looks brown on the spool, but when you shine a torch on it or the sun shines on it on my reel it looks green ?
  20. Pretty big pond though Keith ! Lol.
  21. A very quiet few hours trotting in a strong wind this avvey, just one barbel to show for my efforts...
  22. I think a pond is a small lake, and a lake is a large pond lol.
  23. The tap water round here has chlorine added phone and it doesn't bother my aquarium fish at all. The fish are wild caught fish from the amazon. Apparently sea water is full of chlorine already.
  24. Vagabond (Dave) and Norma his wife were like explorers, they often went to foreign climbs catching everything from sharks to piranhas! I remember on one trip out to south america they were out in the middle of the jungle in unknown territory and one of their canoes capsized!.....luckily they were ok :). Propper characters who I for one very much miss on here :(.
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