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  1. If you haven't lost a cell you'll be fine, if its not a fully sealed top it up with demin and charge it overnight. Ideally if your charger has an inbuilt battery checker it will tell you its good. Next time if you leave the car for a while then take off the negative side of the battery (dc runs neg to pos) anything requiring a charge in your car will drain it over time (ECU, Radio, Clock, Dials etc). Go look up your corect battery rating and check you have the right starting amps and capacity for your car if you are not sure it's the right one and if it does it again have your alternator check
  2. Very much so Phone. I am still of the mind that the machine doesn't kill but the mind behind it does mentality. If all the guns on the planet vanished tommorow all that would happen is we would degenerate to knife crime and if they went it would be clubs. We can't help being the species we are. As for private gun ownership i'm not really all for or all against, perhaps more punitive penatlies for those guilty of gun crime, but if you are the point of armed robbery will you really care. On the other hand I do want to hear more about your katana Kirisute. If you can keep curved edged w
  3. I know exactly where you are coming from, I sat on Stanwick yesterday and watched an entire lake catch absolutely nothing for 8 hours. While I was there I chatted with a few of the other anglers and one metioned he went to drayton a few weeks back and blanked. Considering apart from when its been extremely cold I have always caught at drayton, even my 10 year old pulled a 16lb common out last time I was there. Not sure if the freakish weather this year has pushed the spawn back but i will be over at drayton in the next week or so, if I get there before you I will give a report back
  4. Alot of anti cat sentiments here lol. I have a Korat (thai fighting cat) who has yet to destroy any local wildlife and actually comes back to use his litter tray in the utility room (much to my chagrin). Cats are as mentioned before a free roaming creature and not subject to any control, however there are a few ways to keep them out of the garden without shooting them with anything or causing them any harm. Cheap aftershave at nose height on posts will make them think there is something bigger and scarier around (hai karate will actually keep cats away as well as women) it is possible to g
  5. Not specifically seen any deals together but are diawa mission x rods any good ? you could get 3 of them and a matching set of okuma baitrunners in that budget
  6. Best tip i ever got when i started was to dip the tip of the rod into the water and reel in sharply a couple of turns to sink the line to prevent the line bowing and the float drifting. Make sure the hook can pull through the bait before you start or you'll never hook anything. I personally prefer maggots and soft hooker pellets for general coarse fishing but its all very much a horses for courses discussion that. Try fishing around the margins just because you have a rod and reel doesn't mean you have to smash it out as far as possible unless you are looking for a particular feature
  7. Go have a chat with the OC PTI if no one else wants it then they should let it ride, plus its always good on annual appraisals. Couldn't have gotten that bad in the mob they'll let something wind down just because of rank. Hang on why did i leave again?
  8. Vacant Ic slot for fishing get that one under your belt soon as, fishing as a duty then. Seeing as i managed to avoid RAF Scotland like a case of the pox i have no contacts that way, doesn't suprise me that the PTIs are still useless unless it involves a beep test.
  9. Exactly how much do you have to drink to not realise you are on fire
  10. You should be able to go down to and see the PTI's who'll have a list of all the clubs etc on camp. Failing that and if you are brave enough the SWO will definately have a list of all the secondary duties and the contact details. As a heads up if you don't know and if its still going there is/used to be an annual trip to ascention island to go sea fishing as an exped
  11. That was pretty much the original idea but without alot of fitting and fettleing i don't think its plausible. This is now what i am going to try
  12. by the time you got throug the first bottle your ability to look for bite would have severly diminished XD after the second its not classed as fishing anymore its a cheese and wine party al fresco
  13. There are a few who make them but i have a set of not baitrunner type which i would like to have converted but it seems the conversion is a quick drag rather than a full baitrunner type
  14. A very good point i think i'll spool them up properly and give them a whirl on saturday however i have found a method of changing how fast the drag comes on. IF i change the spring in the caps to a solid olive (the mitchell caps are screw fitted as well) according to the write up i can go from free spool to full drag in a half turn of the cap. The proble i can see with this is that potentially I could end up winding on too much and lose sensitivity
  15. When I first got back into this fishing game again I originally bought myself some JRC carp rods and a pair of Mitchel avocarp big pit reels to get started, it didn't take long though before i invested in a set of baitrunners but i still have 2 big pit reels that have only been used a few times. Recently I have been wondering if its possible to convert these to a baitrunner type with a bit of jiggery pokery or if i should just leave well enough alone and stick with applying pressure to the spool while i wind up the clutch. As stupid as it sounds I have had much more joy fishing with the bi
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