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  1. It's a place I would also like to visit as well as the WW1 graves in Europe. On a similar vein I once visited Bergen Belsen which was a very disturbing experience. Glad I did though.
  2. But the other side of the coin to a Gung-Ho approach is......... Clicky
  3. I was foolish enough not to take your advice some years ago Chris and opted for a Carbonactive. Big mistake! I subsequently bought a Gti (mine has a screw up reel seat though) and have loved using it every time. Superb piece of kit. I was told though that Harrisons had stopped supplying the blanks and John Gilpin then at Lathkill's in Halifax had to call in a favour to get one. I'm not sure how true the tale is though as you say you've recently purchased another.
  4. Sounds like the same story at my local fly fishing club where members claim to regularly take 5lb+ chub - yeah right!
  5. Vista looks nice but in my experience it is much less stable than XP. I'm finding that many programmes crash unless they are started as an administrator. I might well be going back to XP myself.
  6. I thought Mercenary soldiers were those that fought for a bounty and not a regular (and taxable) payment from a, supposedly, legitimate government.
  7. I've downloaded it - Thanks! When I run it from the Icon McAffee tells me it has removed a 'Backdoor-CEP' trojan, the program then appears to run normally. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi Ant, Many thanks for that. I had actually stumbled across this on the HP help site. I actually do not have the upper and lower filters listed on my machine so cannot delete them. Hence I think that it is the drive itself that has failed. I have not been able to swap it out yet though to prove it. I actually continued on to step 4b in the link below and my machine didn't like this at all. It failed to install the drivers. I'll get it sorted though. Thanks again HP Link
  9. Cheers Steve, Planning something along those lines tomorrow. I'll be reclaiming my old PC and taking the Lightscribe DVD drive out and fitting it to the new one and find out what the score is. As to buying a new one, it's less than a month old and a (supposedly) all singing and dancing HD and BlueRay jobbie. PC World will be put to task.
  10. Hi Chris, I was trying to install a game but had noticed that I also couldn't create a system boot disk just beforehand. Vista is fully updated as far as I know - I've tried all that. I was impressed with the simplicity of Vista at first but am seriously reconsidering. The only thing I've recently installed (from the internet) are two Anti-Malware programmes. One on subscription and one freebie. P.S. I gave up on Nero ages ago.
  11. Yep, I'll second that as one of the numpties who believed the sales pitch. I've always fancied one myself since being a youngster. One day I'll take the plunge too and buy myself a decent one.
  12. I hope someone may be able to help this computer simpleton. We purchased a new PC fairly recently which runs Vista Home Premium. All was fine until recently when I tried to install a new programme. I can see the blue LED flashing as if trying to run a disk but 'my computer' doesn't show anything as being in the DVD drawer. Device manager shows the drive to be working correctly although I cannot 'populate' the drive under one of the tabs. Running the optical drive analyser tells me that there is no DVD drive present...???? I've tried uninstalling the device driver and rebooting the PC. Vist
  13. Why did it take 8 days to march them a piddling 118 Miles? I bet they insisted on an Irn' Bru break every hour.............
  14. As an all-round fly my choice would be a simple CDC Emerger. For a river I'd agree with Vagabond with the Adams.
  15. Spend about £400ish on a pair of Leica Ultravid 10x25's. Small (foldable). Brilliant (in all light conditions) and they'll last you a lifetime. The perfect fishing binoculars to slip into your rucksack side pocket as far as I'm concerned.
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    Yes, brilliant......
  17. Paul_D

    Photo Of The Day.

    Yes, cracking display wasn't it? Good shot yours. I had a brain fail and forgot to take my 300mm zoom lens so was limited to my 80mm. Very wet AM on Saturday too but at 13:00 the sun came through beautifully. The Vulcan was good but the Chinook was the most impressive for me.
  18. Paul_D

    Photo Of The Day.

    Old v's new.... Typhoon doing its best not to stall following a flat-out mk19 Spitfire at Waddington Air Show yesterday.
  19. You've come up trumps here. Nice picture, happy wife and you get to go fishing. Result!
  20. Paul_D

    Which 4x4

    There are plenty of good, high-spec Toyota Surf's around too. Good off-road with the right tyres.
  21. A good site to look up what not to click on. Here
  22. There's probably every chance of the USA winning the (proper) football world cup before England does again Jan. I dearly hope not though, after all we've an Italian showing us how it's got to be done nowadays......
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