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    Excellent Steve- Thanks its been sorted out. Hmm. Spoke too soon. Logged in sent a PM and that was that. Can't get back in. Strange.
  2. I didn't get a chance to finish my post... and now I can't remember what it was that I meant to say. Got a lap full of hot coffee in the middle of it. Laptop survived! IBM really put this thing through its paces. Its not only hardened for hot liquid (or any liquid) but has survived multiple falls from more than 36 inches. I think I'll do a backup now I remember now- It had something to do with waiting for one of Chris Goddards scary- make you jump- type of illusion.
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    Hi Steve, Thanks for that. I was going to enquire about the type of mount earlier but in a reply to Leon I was rudely interupted with a lap full of hot coffee and my youngest son trying very hard to get it into every other nook and cranny of my laptop. Some of the things that they get up to remind me of Terry Doe and his dog Morris. I have been looking at Cabelas for their flush mount style, but in looking at some photos that Snapper posted I thought he could give me the model that he was using ( I PMed him earlier in the week). His looked very much like one that I envisioned and since I can't seem to find it I was going to build one. Scotty has a mount attachment for lifting crab pots and such. The arm itself is what I was interested in. I'd like to find one that is adjustable. (The only way I can describe it is something similiar to a desk lamp in adjustment.) If there is one that is on the market I would be very interested in it. I am for now river and canal bound but won't rule out a trip to the coast. I spent most of the morning with my boys in Homebase and Focus browsing and trying to get ideas for rigging. (It is the P13 by the way) I won't be taking a load of tackle since I tend to stick with the same style of lures and will only use one rod at any given time, so I think one rod holder will do fine for what I want. Mark- I'll do my best! (added) My login for AA is rigg8 but I was able to login once. After I logged out I have not been able to log into the forum again.
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    You guys provided the inspiration! Now all I have to do is get out. I doubt I can do half as well as you guys with your catch reports!
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    Thanks! You are right Mark. I think it was Yakity that posted it but I know I've read it more than once on here. I've got an old heat gun that I think might do the trick. You can just make out the spot in the photo of it hanging in the garage. Can't wait to take her out. Got to think of a name too come to think of it....
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    Finally arrived all nice and shiny. Looks nice on the car. But almost lost it with the wind as bad as it was this afternoon.. Putting it on the roofrack I noticed a small indentation on the side. Well not very small but I think I might be able to work it out if I heat up the hull a bit and focus the heat around the dent. If it doesn't work I was told I can return it for a replacement I also rigged up a pulley system to keep it off the floor. (There's no room to store it on the ground) Anyone need a tablesaw? You can see the indentation in this photo. I don't know if this is new for 2008 or if I haven't seen any photos on the web of these brilliant little integrated nuts. So apparently I won't have to drill to attach anything. BCU membership renewal came in yesterday. Now all I need is a cag. Click here for flickr
  7. Excellent day out Leon! Check out the date..
  8. Spoons and spinners are all I ever use. I don't have much luck with plugs either. Rattle traps work for perch and pike too. Just search Cabelas or Bass Pro. I find the smaller ones up to 2 ounces for better casting. This color works well for me- very seldom do I not catch on it. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...t=SearchResults Good luck (added) Don't forget your trace!
  9. Lousy game anyway... 724
  10. Hmm, Tried to find it on the EA site again and it looks like it was linked from here: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/subje...n=1&lang=_e and got this: http://www.waterscape.com/features-and-art...nals-and-rivers
  11. "widespread panic among anglers and conservationists". That's me
  12. Found this on the EA website under the do's and dont's.. Well under the don'ts. 9. Fish from a moving boat* Fishing is permitted from the back of a boat moored to the towing path bank. I must be moored somewhere in order to fish? Does anchoring count? My head hurts trying to figure out what is acceptable and what is not. Is there an emoticon that pulls out its hair? So one other question. Why are the rules so bl dy vague?
  13. Hi Norrie, From your description it sounds like you have a two pair cable coming in from outside. More than likely they used the blue-on-white and white-on-blue. A little background- Standard wiring starts with blue, then orange, then green, then brown (I could go on and on) Anyway try the two blue wires first on pins 2 and 5. If you think I'm nuts and that doesn't work plug your phone in and listen for dialtone as you go from pin to pin using the blue-on-white and white-on-blue pairs. You need to have them both touching the pins at the same time. If the blue ones don't work try the orange pair. Polarity doesn't matter unless you have a digital phone.. I'm not familiar with the virgin box so I hope this helps. If it was initially done correctly it will be either the blue pair or the orange but not any combination of both. Sorry I hope this makes sense. Let us know how you make out.
  14. It doesn't get worse. It's being outnumbered! Not sure what FPO means. I'll assume the worst. My other better half would look at one that I bought her and ask which of my friends I bought it for But then she doesn't see it as fun... You know sitting outside cold, freezing, bored to tears and smelling of fish.. (thats what I tell her anyway) When I dropped the hint for lunch in Glasgow as I was driving there to save money, (the prowlers are cheaper at Glasgow angling) she turned me down, which gave me the go ahead to get one. So I should have ordered it two weeks ago and I would be sitting in it now versus waiting for the canoe expo to be over in Coventry so I can take delivery tomorrow. Mark- I ran across a fish report from a trip you had to the coast last October on the LaJolla website. Sounded exciting!
  15. Also helps if you apply the accent... Very funny Newt, especially #12.
  16. Hi Rich, Yeah I know what you mean. I've been out 3 times in the past 24 months and each time I was asked to take someone out. Mind you everyone that I have taken has caught though! There is something to be said about going 'alone' Girls though! Just give them another 3 years. My daughter turns 13 next month I feel for you! Seriously - I can't wait to take the little fiends out and show them how much fun it is to catch- my daughter enjoys it. She was fishing before she could walk.
  17. And then I saw these... http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...s&noImage=0 Sorry Alan
  18. Yep Wychwood. I've got 4mm neoprene with a pocket up front and belt about the waist in case you fall in. Had them for 4 years and no problems. Mine came with felt but there was an option fo4 lug soles. First time I had them out the water was freezing in my rod rings. While I was nice and toasty. They might be a bit warm to work in though. http://www.troutfishing.co.uk/ishop/243/shopscr2442.html Also have a look here. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/common/s...s&noImage=0 I just bought another set of waist high with lug soles. Good luck in your search.
  19. What??? You mean it isn't an option to add indicators when you buy the car?
  20. errr.. These ah Mardi Gras beads were more than she expected ?
  21. Hi Mark, I did read your review. Nice and very very detailed. I thought you may have had more wind/current to deal with in this instance and thus more to add. Your review is what helped me decide against the Trident. I'll be usng the P13 on the canals and my local slow running river, so no need for anything like the size of the Trident. Its also nice to see someone that finds a nice balance between family obligations and fishing. I have two boys that are 19 months so I'll have to let you know how I fair in the grand scheme. I really have enjoyed your posts. Keep them coming!
  22. Hi Mark, I'm interested to see how the Trident (I think I read rod pod...) did sitting as high in the water as I think it does.... How did it weathercock? Was it blown all over the place? I've got a p13 on its way. Can't wait! Nice read by BTW!
  23. I found it as well in HPs spec site for the 2110 http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/sm/WF...9-10244611.html Wireless technologies description Integrated Bluetooth® 1.2, IrDA Just think you could always use the infrared to hack your dvd player to region 0.
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