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  1. Change the default security settings... This applies to all wifi routers that currently ship with default configurations not just BT. http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/arti...y_to_crack.html
  2. Looks interesting too. I just read the review. Once I finish the others I've started... Dobbs
  3. Jeff S


    Released yesterday.. Flickr video For those that use flickr for hosting.
  4. I'll withhold my first comment... In favor of blaming his size on environmental factors like lead.
  5. Received via email.... Thought I should pass it on. The Archbishop of Canterbury has partially got his way - British weather has been declared Muslim. It's either Sunni or Shiite !! OK, I'm leaving!
  6. At the bottom of the main forum page there is a link to view todays active topics.. Today's Active Topics It saves browsing backwards and forwards to see if there are new posts.
  7. What version of interent explorer are you running? If you are running IE 7.0 under tools there is an option to enable this feature.
  8. Hi Chris, I had every intention of getting that particular data for my P13 on Saturday. I clocked myself up to about 6.8 mph with the wind at my back and running with a slow current. That is just from memory. I originally only cared about the distance that I was to paddle. When I got home- (I was in a hurry to make it to the church) I realized that I left the sat receiver on and screwed up my average. I was still getting a signal traveling down the A61. I won't tell you the top speed that I documented. The overall average came to 7.1 mph for 3 hours paddle (and drive home). I'll get it right next weekend. I've seen various posts on another site for hull speed. The details were interesting but too scientific for my taste. Basically it's in relation to length, beam, and displacement. Here's one.... Hull Speed I'm afraid I'm like Chaz. I just like to paddle
  9. Well I have to admit I caught the last half of it last night and will now probably watch it. If only for the PC part that it is lacking.... Pesky farmers and Madonna a bloke ?
  10. I'd say bring back the puppets. The computer generated ones are creepy.. Well so are the old ones. Here you go Jan.. Reagan. Phil Collins had him in one of his videos opposite Margaret Thatcher. (Land of Confusion) Youtube Video ->Original Video Youtube Video ->Original Video
  11. Oh yeah, I ran into all types of weather today... Snow, hail, rain, sleet, sun, cloud, and the [email protected]@dy wind... Sadly nothing over 7 celcius.
  12. Excellent Guys, Thanks for that! I've done the usual editing for redeye and cropping but nothing near what you are doing. Learning curve indeed.
  13. I also didn't want to hijack the thread.... I'd like to join in but I'm not clever enough to use the software I have available. Tried some yesterday and it was complete [email protected] So what are you guys using? I tried some of the edting from flickr but it doesn't seem up to par. Brilliant idea BTW.
  14. This goes to show just what a great community this is. Peg number 2 eh?
  15. Green Election Poll, Obama, Hillary and McCain Policing Internet
  16. Same here Andy, probably less likely to find information on it too. Technology like that I'm sure has many uses and they are likely not to share.
  17. I had no idea they have made those kind of advances. Good to see that there are a few to benefit from it.
  18. Coincidently, Bewedly was a site for pewter manufacturing. http://www.search.revolutionaryplayers.org...es/18/18/94.rtf Most other mentions of lead as found, in reference to waterfowl lead poisoning, point directly to lead shot and weights. I was not able to find many other sources of lead ingestion or inhalation in my web search. Which isn't to say that other environmental factors (such as lead in pewter) are not to blame. As pointed out though there has been a significant deline in the use of lead in the last 50 years. With the exception of China...
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