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  1. I am sure it will be with you soon, much like your next bass.....
  2. Top tip when using Silkaflex..... wear old clothes, and disposable gloves! Sticky stuff on blankets comes to mind.
  3. I have never even seen one- anyone got a link?
  4. http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.p...t=0&start=0 B.A.S.S. have some tape measures for sale, that allow you to measure your fish, and tells you the weight. I had a little to do with it, and had the kayaks in mind- often want to get a idea of the weight before I put it back, and scales arent easy on a yak! While there are some variances on thin and thick fish, the base data for this was huge, and most variances have been small. If you are in the UK or elsewhere then please follow the instructions as to how to buy one. If you are in Jersey, Iron Stores Marine and th
  5. Err- on its side! It is dried out before that.
  6. Reading this thread I have found out three things: - The measure floats (didnt know that!) - It goes through a washing machine!!! (Andy I know I said destruction test but...) - We are going to get prosecuted for mixing up metric and imperial! Suprisingly difficult to get these things printed, and maybe if these all go we can look at a double sided run. Thanks for the support Elton and Norm.
  7. Trev- thr advantages of being on an island! Mine is on two brackets I got from B&Q, where it has been pretty much all summer since our new arrival!
  8. Sheepy- the best bit of advice you can get is buy 'Hooked on Bass'- you then have something to read on holiday, some of the best advice you will need, and I think there are some Isle of Wight stories in there as well!
  9. Sheepy- bass tend to be habitual, so its unlikely anyone will volounteer marks, as its all too easy to have them stripped in no time- then no more bass at that mark. No doubt someone will say different, but have seen this first hand. So even if you are well behaved, then anyone can pick up the marks from the web. Mackerel wise, if you touch them they will die (see sticky at the top), so catch and release is difficult. Piers are usually the best shot for them, but usually best to just catch what you want with them. If they are there, try using a single lure to prolong your fishing ex
  10. Grant


    Top bait as well!
  11. Much to many peoples horror, I have gaffer taped my battery in a box, and transducer to the bottom of my hull. Transducer was shoved into a large lump of vaseline, taped down about a year ago, and hasnt moved since! Araldite scares me cause its permanent, and gets hot. May need retaping this year, but trips so far its been fine.
  12. I broke one of the Mustad bags within a few trips, and have now reverted to Karrimor rucksack. Easier when climbing down to difficult marks, much more robustly built, and easier on my back. Weights, wired or otherwise, go in the bottom compartment, so if they ruin the waterproof lining, which they will do, its not a problem. Plastic clips on most compartments eliminate the zip problem, and remaining zips coated in vaseline, a tip given to me by an old fisherman. Millets, or somewhere siilar, have loads of different sizes, and usually a few on sale.
  13. My brother brought me over the same gripper scales and fish retaining set from Aus, but think there are UK distributors I seem to remember from the mags.
  14. Nice one- could see some good spots on there, and now know the official name of some of the spots I have been trying! And it has Jersey on it, which is unusual!
  15. Grant

    Mackerel 'race'

    Dont know what it is exactly, but at a guess, killing lots of mackerel, most of which are wasted, is pretty pointless. I met someone on a beach last year saying he had 500 between him and his mates. I asked him what he did with that many. Most were binned as they couldnt get rid of them. As they die shortly after being touched, and despite their numbers, are a slow growing fish, I guess thats the answer.
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