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  1. Come back to us when Hank Marvin can do this with his eyes closed.
  2. I don't think hank marvin could play Asturias to save his life.
  3. So leafs and wrong snow are real things. Leaf mold from falling leaves make a kind of mulm on the railway lines and that makes them very greasy. Fine powder snow can get sucked into the cooling systems of electric trains and cause shorts. I remember when I used to commute between Southampton and Waterloo on a daily basis we were talking about such things. One of our group was a Swiss guy who used to work on the Swiss railways. He told us that in Switzerland the do not suffer a deciduous tree to grow within 50 metres of a railway line. Another thing that does not help is that have noticed t
  4. Eating snow is a bad idea. A sure way to win the 100 metre dash.
  5. There are only three or four roads with snow gates. I can't speak for all of Scotland but where I come from the council workers take their gritters and snow ploughs home with them. Even little single track roads that only lead to farms get gritted otherwise the milk tanker would not make its rounds.
  6. Today it was what we call "dreich". I was only three. It was the first time I had seen snow. I got a coal shovel full of it and threw it on my grannies fire to see if the stuff would burn. Hokkaido where my nephew lives. Funnily enough the trains keep running.
  7. Trump is just a private citizen now. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Four inches LOL. Where my nephew in Japan lives thye have about one or two meters for three months of the year. This country would be totally buggered to hell if we had another 1947 or 1963.
  9. Now that Trump is no longer President, who is the leader of the GOP now?
  10. And just to be pedantic that would be "bated breath". Short for abated as in holding your breath. Have you never read the Merchant of Venice? :-)
  11. If someone else is paying I'd have a Samsung stainless steel job. Liebherr do make good kit. A lot of ships had their cranes.
  12. For readers. https://www.wired.com/story/the-court-case-that-enabled-todays-toxic-internet/ If you want a video.
  13. They have every right to do so. Just as Elton has a right to decide who can post what here.
  14. Not in Ireland https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/1841101/a-busty-mum-with-40kk-boobs-is-pleading-for-reduction-surgery-after-fearing-she-would-smother-her-baby-son-while-breastfeeding/
  15. You know that the fax was invented before the telephone? When I was at sea telex was still used. Unlike a fax telex is secure. You could not "spoof" a telex machine.Easy to send you a fax from a different address than you expect it to come from. TELEX is not quite dead yet. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/12874219.telex-and-telegrams-are-still-big-business-for-dorset-company/
  16. "a teletype machine". Boy, you are showing your age now.
  17. I have AP and Reuters on my bookmarks. When I worked with big banks we had reuters news feeds on our desktops. I was wondering where Ken went.
  18. No. Whe should use plonkers from Lancashire instead.
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