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  1. I have AP and Reuters on my bookmarks. When I worked with big banks we had reuters news feeds on our desktops. I was wondering where Ken went.
  2. No. Whe should use plonkers from Lancashire instead.
  3. You are just an old phoney. I don't need to listen to any more of your old crap. My seven quid from ASDA Chinese toaster has been going strong for for at least six years.
  4. When I had my wee flat in France the mother in law gave me the fridge freezer she got as a wedding present. My daughter only threw it out a year or two ago. It was more than 50 years old. It was a Frigidaire. I don't know where it was made.
  5. You were the hypocrite wibbling on about how we should all be buying British. Hypocrite. Do as I say not as I do.
  6. And the fires in California were caused by Jewish Space Lasers.
  7. I got 100 velcro cable ties for £!
  8. It just another industry Nobody give a damn about industries. Industries do not make sovereignty.
  9. So you are an effin hypocrite then.
  10. Do you have a TV? Is it made by Cello? If not why not? Do you own a washing machine? Is it made by Ebac? If not why not?
  11. Why should I but any inferior product just because it is made here?
  12. Tell that to Taiwan.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55786974
  14. Just keep posting your ignorance. It is entertaining.
  15. It is not that they cannot be bothered to sell them. They are past their sell by date before they get there. Were you born a complete numpty, or do yo need to practice a little every day, just to keep your hand in? What is putting them out of busin ess is thick ****ers voting for sh!t they know f@ck all about but want to give Johnny Furriner a poke in the eye because he can't paint his bloody garden shed with creosote. You were TOLD about the rules five years ago. They were not invented just for you. But we were told that was Projhect Fear and that the |EU would just cave because we are
  16. They should just sell their produce in Denmark. Straight to EU market and more British lorry drivers out of a job. Taking back control.
  17. And people wonder why I call people names.
  18. I don't know and neither does anyone else. I hope not because my son could be there with them if they do.
  19. Today is the LAST day of Donald Trump's Presidency.
  20. You can go and take a flying f@ck at yourself too. Ken MKII
  21. Better to be a sheep than a goat.
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