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  1. I'd call him a c@nt but he lacks warmth and depth.
  2. There is an article in the Guardian about it. Probably fake news ;-) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/sep/24/ants-solution-to-antibiotic-crisis-superbug-bacteria
  3. But those who look for the good will need electron microscopes.
  4. I guess that depends on the bird. You wouldn't like to tango with a cassowary. They are not scared of anything.
  5. Archtecture Roads Towns Square Buildings Glazed Windows The first sewage systems Currency Trademarks Advertising Eating three meals a day Latin, reading and writing. I could go on and on. The Normans were not French the were Vikings that spoke Medieval French.
  6. I can never tell with you Ken. With a bit of luck he will see the GOP in the wilderness for a few terms. Not a big fan of Hilary myself but at least she was qualified. Having Trump as president is like going your butcher for open heart surgery.
  7. I'll tell you this Ken. If he survives until 2020 I will bet you a pund to a penny that he will not win Wisconsin, Michigan or Iowa. He needs them but thosin the Mid-West are sick to the back teeth of your "God-Emperor" Thatris not based on anything in the media, that is based on what my son told mne when he came back from working for a year in Wisconsin.
  8. It's like the Karma chameleon. It comes and goes.
  9. What if Sus domesticus is an aviator?
  10. If Britain had talent they would have found it by now.
  11. It depends on the species on ant. Some eat vegetable matter, some are carrion eaters, some are predators and many are omnivorous and will eat anything.
  12. Obviously not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er1SaIUsDf
  13. Fake news my frigging ass. Any news you don't like is fake news.
  14. He does not have that excuse, apparently he does not drink.
  15. Here's a funny story about business acumen: A man spends £322,000 buying and maintaining water cannons. Then finds he cannot legally use them in the country where he lives. So he sells them to a scrapyard for £11,025 Total loss: £310,975 and all credibility. And STILL they decide to make him PM....
  16. You could have asked him why '£200m' of EU money was wrongfully withheld from Scottish farmers for three years by Westminster? And why he thinks that releasing it now will buy back votes from once staunch Tory voters who now on the whole vote SNP?
  17. IF Scotland gains independance and leaves the UK, then presumably the Scottish Government would want to re join the EU? We would then have a second border with the EU. How would the so called 'back - stop' work here?
  18. "You're going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost and its goint to be so easy", "This is a plan where you can chose your doctor and this is a plan where you can choose your plan and you know what the plan is? This is the plan." At a rally in Michigan, 2016 "I've been saying 'Your car industry is being sucked away from Michigan', its happening. If I am elected you won't lose ONE plant. You'll have plants coming into this country. You're gonna have jobs again, you won't lose one plant. I promise you that. GM idles plant in Michigan. He made similar pledges in Ohio. GM closed Lordstown. Shame the "God Emperor" is about as much use as friggin' Zeus. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-28/trump-s-unfulfilled-rust-belt-renaissance-poses-risks-for-2020 I think your man-child is a useless cretin. If that's an ad hominem then I can live with that.
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