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  1. Anyone would be better than Corbyn just like anything would be preferable to Trump.
  2. No Chesters. To have a .eu domain name for an organisation that organisation must be established in the .eu. Otherwise some Nigerian scamsters could just register a .eu domain name.
  3. Ken. Who called out the National Guard?
  4. Ken. I went there to here the lady speak. Unlike you I get my information from a wide range of sources. I was on NewsMax today too but they were not interviewing her. Why is that? Might she have burst the bubble of the prick with the hors and perhaps yours too? I have this terrible allergy to bullshit Ken. I am not the sheep. I am not the one caught in some half baked personality cult. It is not I that worships at the Temple of The God Emperor. It is not I who is in thrall to a con man. Where wouldst thee have me go for an unbiased news feed? I always have room for another bookmark.
  5. It looks like Leave EU were remainers all along. What else have thy not thought through?
  6. That is how you get a Trump.
  7. Not all Republicans have their head up Trumps jacksie.
  8. That is what I understood.
  9. Dave I promise you you will have a good giggle
  10. It is fascinating. The guy with the Viking helmet is on of the head honchos. There is a white rabbit in there somewhere too. If you want to wander down the rabbit hole go to the Newsmax channel on YouTube and read the comment section. Don't do it with a cuppa, you might drown your tablet. The notion that Ken knows little about Q? Like me mum used to say if she thought we were fibbing when we were wee. "And the band played believe if you like, if you like,"
  11. What is it?At its heart, QAnon is a wide-ranging, completely unfounded theory that says that President Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media.QAnon believers have speculated that this fight will lead to a day of reckoning where prominent people such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed.
  12. Tell that to her. She is on Twitter. Please post your reply. He is a looooser. He lost to Sleepy Joe Biden except there are thouseands of proper Republicans that would have voted for almost anyone but Trump. That is why he lost. One chap who I'#ll buy his crystal ball from.
  13. As I understand it any public official the President included is barred from re-election for life?
  14. You should see a shrink. Q has addled your brain.
  15. One of the injured, a cop died earlier today or last night.
  16. Chesters, I am like you in one respect. I will NEVER vote for ANY politician again in my life. There is nary a one of them that are worth getting out of bed for on an election day morning.
  17. Where are you Ken? Cat got your tongue? Broadband down?
  18. Even Tucker Carlson is jumping ship now.
  19. My memory is bad Ken. You will have to remind me: When did BLM or AntiFA break into the White House when Congress was sitting and try to intimidate them when they were conducting their constitutional duties? That would be never, right? When did BLM or AntiFA break into the White House armed with firearms and Molotov cocktails? That would be never, right? When did BLM or AntiFA plant improvised explosive devices in the DNC and RMC? That would be never, right? Antifa and BLM broke the law. The thugs who attacked the White House not only broke the law they sullied the heart of America
  20. No. I only have problems with those who would impose there Bronze Age religious beliefs on us.
  21. Millbrook, Thornhill and Shirley Warren. Council estates that are perhaps not the most salubrious subdivisions of our fair city.
  22. The problem is lhat es let the pricks live too bloody long in the first place They should have splattered Libya as soon as they knew where the Lockerbie bomb came from. Don't start me on Israel. I'd turn the place into glass and no fecker would want to live there for 500 years. Eff them.
  23. Dave. If you are talking about Iraq then as far as I am concerned the did not need to lie to take out Saddam. They should have done it the first time.
  24. Now that I think of it maybe Millbrook or Thornhill. They would eat him in the Warren.
  25. Just for a split second I thought you were serious Huge.
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