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  1. KennyC

    Avet Reels

    Oops just noticed this after posting in another thread - link for Rokmax http://www.rokmax.com/pages/pdfs/reels/06/08_Avet_Reels.pdf
  2. Shimano Trinidad 16 - good for boat and shore, super smooth stardrag clutch. Got mine from the US when the pound was strong -worked out about £165 quid. The Avet reels get a good name - also something a bit different from the norm.... http://www.rokmax.com/pages/pdfs/reels/06/08_Avet_Reels.pdf
  3. Congratulations Matt. There's a club match on Sunday at Arbroath if you are allowed
  4. Can you not try straighting it yourself by taking the handle off ? Use a vice or hammer it flat - at least it gets you fishing
  5. The rod is not really suitable for shore fishing, - it could be used for dropping down the side of a pier in hope of a conger though Which Mitchell reel do you have ?
  6. Some people seem to be a dab hand at this -but thats another john dory. Allis shad, the better.
  7. When an eel bites your hand And that's not what you planned ............that's a moray
  8. Toffeeman, have you tried this site for the Odessa? http://www.jims-mail-order.co.uk/fishing/beachcaster-b.htm
  9. Matt, I've got the AFAW smock - but evertime I've had it with me it's never needed to go on. It's not padded like the Titan and packs into the rucksack easily - it really needs a good drenching before I can comment There is a 'kangaroo' pocket at the back as well as the front - but you need to be double jointed to use it !!
  10. Matt, the Ron Thomson accelerator (sp?) 13'6 is good value at £99 for the rough stuff.
  11. Could be a small Pike ? - but then again, I don't know Jack...
  12. Hi Peter Sorry just saw this! - I was suprised the boat trip was called off....but I had a wander down to Burntisland and can see why! Glad you got some fish and put the raggies to good use
  13. Judging by the first photo - is it the 'wicked witch of the west'? C'mon who threw the bucket of water
  14. I think the only difference is the retrieve ratio - the 7500 are 5.3:1.
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