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  1. Hi Dave We arrive in Sydney 06 Feb after a 3 night stop-over in Singapore. We leave Sydney on 02 May to head back to the UK. For the most part we plan to stay with our daughter in Freshwater. We have already booked a two week trip over to Perth though,27 Feb till 12 March. I plan to try a reef charter or two when in Perth - any info on this ? I did leave some fishing gear in Sydney after my last trip and have already arranged some fishing trips with some guys off the Sydney Fishing Forum. They are a good bunch of blokes. Will also hire a car at some stage and have a slow dri
  2. Hi Klaus,drop these guys a line,the Maltese fishing club. I found them very friendly on my visit there. Their treasurer at the time (Alex Cianti I think his name was) even took me out fishing in his boat. Hope this helps John
  3. Well thats our caravan in Drummore now "winterised" and us back in sunny Whitley Bay !!! Fishing wise it has been a good year with many happy outings to reflect on. First off I do enjoy coaching younsters,in fact I get a bigger buzz out of seeing them catch fish than catching fish myself. Think my star pupil of the year was Hannah. Check her out with this Mull of Galloway wrasse. Had my 2 oldest grandsons spend a few days with us in Drummore. I did not get the chance to take them out fishing but took them onto Drummore beach for their first casting lesson. Check out Wayne casti
  4. Ha ha the kids (34 and 30 now !) bought us Sally Satnav for our anniversary in March. Well you have to move with the times Not used it loads but I have found it ok MOST of the time. Tends to **** up in the towns when new roundabouts appear/dissapear and new road layouts confuse it. Sally is fine BUT ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MAP as well John
  5. Never logged on here for a few month. Been chilling out in our retreat in Drummore,Mull of Galloway. Have done a lot of fishing and some photography Problem is in Drummore is our/my Internet access. Got a Vodafone dongle for the lappy in our caravan but for stuff like downloading/uploading photos - forget it. Tales a lifetime Got WiFi in the cafe in the village but just use it to Skype with our family out in Australia. Back over to Drummore 26 Sept for our last stint of the season - for 2/4 weeks. Will try and be more active on the forum on our return John
  6. Awesome is indeed the word :notworthy: :notworthy: John
  7. Good sport those "tope sharks" Elton. Fished for them twice this year in Luce Bay and managed to catch,tag and release three of them. Great sporting fish on the right gear. John
  8. This pollacking session involved 3 intrepid anglers from the Clashwhannon Caravan Park - George,young Nick (relatively young to us) and my good self. After our last pollacking expedition in which George nearly finished up in the drink the auld goat fancied an even harder mark to climb down to this time !!! It had produced good fish for us in the past but we had not fished it for a few years. We arrived at the top of the cliffs about 2 hours after lw. By the looks of it nobody had been down this year,no sign of any path. After a few wrong turns we got the to electric cattle fence. We
  9. Never been on here for ages team,too busy enjoying myself at our Mull of Galloway "hideout" Here is a shot I took of Drummore harbour,in colour it looked really drab but a b and w conversion perks it up !!! This is a classy bird I stumbled over the other day John
  10. I was fishing the first day of "Sharkatag 2011" with Tom aka Toonfireman. We launched from Sandhead in his boat Joshua shortly after 07.00am. We headed out a short distance and dropped our mackerel lures over the side. First drop we were into them and quickly had enough for our hookbaits. Tom had prepared the rubby dubby the day before. Off we headed to the Ardwell bouy and down went the anchor with our rubby dubby of mashed up mackerel attached. We did not have long to wait for tope action and Tom was first in. It seemed like a real good fish and he was gutted when the hook pulled
  11. Yes the very man,well spotted John ps,he can still talk the hind legs off a donkey
  12. George and I had not had a pollacking session out this year yet so with a favourable weather forcast we decided today was going to be it. After a debate on the venue we decided on a Solway one with a steep climb down. To be honest with 130 years amassed between us this mark really was on our limit. I am a right woosie when it comes to rock climbing and my arse was putting all of the way down until we arrived at our fishing "platform". Having to actively look for hand and footholds whilst also carrying your fishing gear has always filled me with trepedation !!!!! Who mentioned soft Ge
  13. A shore bass session was well overdue for me so I duly loaded up the car and set off to a local mark. I set up with a 20g controller float and a 6" holographic sandeel on a 9' trace. Conditions were not ideal as Luce Bay was still a bit dirty from a stir up and there was quite a bit of floating weed. Now when fishing the bay Sammy the seal normally turns up within a few minutes and true to form he was there after I had made only a few casts. To make matters worse he brought his girlfriend along with him this time. I gave it a good hour,moving along the shore after each cast. Tr
  14. Some interesting stuff there,nice one John
  15. Good entertainment,the wife and I really look forward to watching it every week Its a travel show with some fishing and Geordie daftness chucked in !!!! He has cut out a lot of the swearing from the last series which is good. Robson is not an angler,just an actor doing some fishing Even the wife has a good giggle at his casting and says she can cast better than him. Keep up the good work son,its the only thing worth watching on tv at the moment John
  16. Lovely colours boys,well done John
  17. Oystercatchers and a gannet,nice one. Could watch gannets diving all day !!!! John
  18. What total toss pots John
  19. Aye mixed emotions for us Bobj,real happy for them but they will be a big miss Now thinking of coming over mid January 2012 for 3 months It will give the 3 of them time to get settled into the Sydney area before we visit. When does the wet season finish Bobj ? Plan to hire a car and have a slow tour up the coast to Port Douglas Will be staying at the Big 4 sites,we found them fine last time. Would be great to meet up and catch a few fish together John
  20. The very thought of some lads attacking someone on a disabled scooter is the lowest of the low,bloody animals Just pleased she gave one of them a "Geordie kiss" Good for her John
  21. Now that would make some awesome footage !!! John
  22. Facinating creatures,the favourite food of sperm whales John
  23. Nice story Chris and I can tell you love the area If you PM me your e-mail addy will whiz it down the line mate John
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