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  1. Yes I'm a member of MDs, have been for years. I used to post on here quite a lot but don't now but still look in from time to time. AKA Mark274
  2. A merry Christmas to one and all and tight lines for the new year. Mark AKA Mark 274
  3. So as a fisherman you are asking all other fishermen not to take any fish they catch and also to report anyone they see taking fish. How stupid is this going to make us look to the non angling public who already see us as excentric anyway. If no-one goes fishing for two weeks who is going to see the loads of fish being taken? The only taking of fish I have known of locally is where a few fools were moving carp and tench from one water to another, not including the local trout water.
  4. Years in prison: 23 Potential fine: £7000
  5. I enjoy it, love the way he mucks in with the locals
  6. Always thought it was from his dog, called MacDuff - When his missus told him to take the dog for a walk he replied I'll just put the "lead on MacDuff"
  7. Raliegh runabout - ex GPO cost the princely sum of £1.50 BSA bantam 125 & 175 Honda CD175 twin MK 1 Escort MK 2 Escort ghia Vauxhall Firenza MK III Cortina 2000E, 1600L & 2000XL Ma and step father have an '65 Mustang and a lovely Dodge Charger. We used to get nine of us in the back of an Escort van but that was before people carriers
  8. Not just muddy hole in the ground anglers that are faced with groundbait limits. Castle Howard, well known bream and pike water banned groundbait as SOME anglers were rowing out and tipping over the side groundbait made using a full 25kg sack at a time. A bit quicker than spodding eh As for the record, whatever floats your boat, horses for courses, live and let live, etc.
  9. Went over at work last June, waiting until December before the specialist decided it wasn't going to get better on it's own. Had an MRI scan which proved inconclusive, met the surgeon in April and went on the waiting list for an op. Still waiting, still don't know exactly what's wrong either
  10. I thought he'd leaned on some wet paint It was a bl00dy good series and both teams deserved to win but there can only be one winner and I'm glad it was us I think one of the memories of this series will be the true sportsmanship shown by both sides, not only to their own team mates but to the opposition as well.
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