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  1. Another clue, looking to the left slightly i can see this: http://www.go-fishing.org/upload/files/02.JPG Excuse the awful horizon!
  2. That fish has probably graced the earth(sea) for longer than the person posing next to it.
  3. Further north Alan Cheers Newt
  4. http://www.go-fishing.org/upload/files/01.JPG Anybode care to name this landmark which over looks my home city Took whilst walking dogs at the local observotory... (sry, i cant re-size) edit note - here you go. Shrunk some. [ 12. October 2005, 11:28 PM: Message edited by: Newt ]
  5. WOW, im hoping to make it, will be covering some miles though..... Friday Glasgow, saterday Aberdeen area cod fishing, then sunday on the clyde for a match (little sleep in between i hasten to add) Is there any cure for my maddness
  6. Bloomin Eck !!!! All this talk of shore Tope is making me twitch!
  7. Mike???? Many charter boats encourage catch and release nowadays, especialy over reefs where resident fish abide...
  8. As great as the boat fishing is up there, i am gagging to do some proper surf fishing, count me in
  9. Tryin to impress the harbour wifey (or bloke???)
  10. Dont care for any of your fishing photo's, after ive caught eye of that chinease!!! Im hungry noo Glad you all had a good time...
  11. If this was real the wieght of the dog would rip half of its face off as it was thrown overboard.... They really are stooping to low levels, trying every way possible to get us!
  12. Yup Jaffa Genisis rings a bell... No worries Thurso mate You been out on the boat much lately? [ 28. September 2005, 05:03 PM: Message edited by: Spur-Hound ]
  13. Just remembered about the longliner 'cos last year there was some longlining activity spotted by anglers in the firth of Lorne and the sound of Mull, a few years back the very same Grimsby boat near enough wiped one of the more productive sea lochs on the West coast of Spurs, although thankfully not totaly.
  14. Just dont want the last of the UKs spurdog population to go the same way as the Irish sea's stock did, im sure some of luce bays old timers will agree!
  15. Right, glad someone knows more than i do on this one. What are spurs used for???
  16. I very much doubt it, unless there is a market in eastern europe or asia(???) Ide put my money on them bieng used for fishmeal and the like, still annoying though, wonder if the boat would make a good man-made reef [ 28. September 2005, 12:48 PM: Message edited by: Spur-Hound ]
  17. " 375 kg on one line He shoots several lines at a time so a tonne of spurs a day or more" Not so good is it, better enjoy them while we can
  18. Hi folks, Quite interesting news, same longliner (i think) that occasionaly rapes our western sea lochs... Qoate from a friend of mine in another discussion group "Of interest to all who fish the west coast lochs in winter. The Apollo spurdog longliner has beeen working the Pentland Firth recently following the spurdog shoals as they head west wards on their migration route . He was escorted into Scrabster and met by police and radiation experts etc . He had been fishing within the 2 mile exclusion zone around Dounreay power plant. Tests revealed no contamination
  19. It was when we did it to Norrie We had him running about all over his house answering calls
  20. And BTW, anyone dare play the phone game!!! You can do it to tiggs again though
  21. Well guys, thats me off to wales for the weekend... I wish you all the Very best down in Dartmouth, have a good un!
  22. Bigger than Norries Grey Gurnard too
  23. Stan, Something you have to realise " Please ! If you want something to get done it is simple DO IT! You should know fine well that if you/anyone has an issue it canty be tackled by one person, can it? Surely if there is a group all like minded and wanting the sanme things then they have a bigger voice/more authority than one single person wanting something changed. i think it s fantastico!
  24. What what no doggies??? Nice fish m8 crakin flatties...Weather looks interesting
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