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  1. no its possibly catching weils that i'm worried about.
  2. with bigger pike,ie doubles and bigger you can get all four fingers in easily and safely,with jacks i use two fingers-index and middle or just index. i have used lindy gloves,but i also use chico's musky gloves,teh best glove i have used by far,still retains alot of feel but saves you getting cuts and prevents infections. -get ya self a pair you wont regret it.
  3. kingfishers are great,a falsh of blue and their gone! rats are funny,they just have no fear,and they know i am king rattus robins are cool spend alot of time feeding them in the winter, barn owls in the fens always amaze me.
  4. often when i hook a pike,one treble will be hooked up,its normally teh top treble,but not always,i cant say wich one will hook up...so i use two,when your using 8-10 inch sardines etc it makes sense.
  5. i know mark mate,i ve fished with him! he's already grilled me over single hooks for zeds
  6. most predators if not all are cannabalistic.
  7. i have used singles and trebles, i have used singles from size 4-1/0 in summer when after zander,i have had a good few pike on them,without any problems,i switched to singles on the river after failing to connect and hook up( zed prob not pike hooked all them ok),it worked, but in the fens when after zeds i have used trebles not yet tried singles up there. the reason i use two trebels is it gives me confidence,i use big deads and big lives and i dont want to mess around with singles. they really dont work very well with big baits. jardine got it right many moons ago. as for wire mark
  8. wel well...i wear a cap and a hoodie when i go fishing..oh yeah and i live in the inner city...am i a chav....no i bloody aint! not all bad kids are chavs for a start,give them something to get into and enjoy and lo and behold some might take up the sport with gusto,not all will and not all will go about it the correct way but we could try. living in london i see alot of bored kids with..well just attitude really. ya get me blud?.....
  9. i can only echo what has been said,go with an experienced pike angler that knows what they are doing,if you cant dont go. i myself have taken one forum member out piking,and will again soon(come on andy!) and have arranged to take another out as well,as soon as he's back is better and he has some time to spare,aye matt!
  10. get well soon gerry, you are indeed missed on AN,and the pike n perch are missing you too
  11. deffo mate! PM me when you can get out
  12. lol damn right budgie! one of my mates who i have been friends with for over 10 years since school days has just got a motor,hes found a new lease of life and can be bothered to get up in teh morning now! me i'm a bit hard headed i dont care if i have to get a train,i'm going fishing!
  13. With my predator fishing (well mainly Pike and Zeds anyway) I can definately tell you it was a combination.It was simply meeting the right people who took me under their wings showed me the ropes and got me on to good waters where I met other good guys who did the same! Simple as that and thankfull I am! Sure all this experience has given me lots of knowledge but I would never have got it without them. i have some really good mates who know what there doing,one in particular who keeps me updated on whats happening fen wise,hes put me onto some waters i just gotta get soe bloomin transport
  14. love teh little ruffe andy
  15. hey ya budgie sure could help ya on that chub PB,my river does 5+6lb'ers regularly,i havent gone after them for ages tho,i should really as a 7+ is a big possibilty,hell even an 8 is possible! my PB is 5.06 a 21 would do me budgie! its just a mind thing,ya know a 25+ being a really big pike, low 20's arent to be sniffed at tho! sounds liek you've had some incredible piking,i would dearly love to see a 30,let alone see a 40! jesus that would blow me away! as for zeds...your PB is massive! thats a seriouss zander mate,i have seen a good mate have a 12.06 and that blew me away big ti
  16. i would like to up my zander PB wich is 6lb(not a fen fish tho ),i want a double! and a 25+ pike would good too,to beat my PB of 20.08.
  17. well done ricey,look confident handling them too
  18. i have used shimano antares braid for about 3 years now for lure and bait fishing,no complaints,also on my jerkbait rod i use tuffline braid. i think its tuffline!?
  19. cheers for the replys guys look like teh neoprenes are the ones to get then! funnily enough phil i was thinking about ron thompson,as i didnt want to pay to much and they do good gear at low prices,also breathables are a good idea.
  20. lovley! they look huge mate,your new PB beats my'n by an ounce...once again... you flukey bugger!
  21. hi all been looking at fishing a fair size tidal river,need a pair of waders to get across the mud and onto the gravel shallows,i have spotted some good looking far bank runs that are alot deeper than the surrounding areas,sure fire lay up points at low tide for esox, so anyone recommend some waders? dont really want to pay too much,also neporene or rubber?
  22. result fella!! and you anderoo ya jammy bugger!
  23. hi bungral shes a beaut! weighed 3.09,right at last light on a small fen pit,my mate took the photo with his super dooper nikon. it was mean that dorsal did not come down the whole time!
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