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  1. Budge, Great reply mate, many thanks for taking the time to share that info. Ive been catting several times but wasnt entirely convinced which was best. Im looking at commercial cat lakes and as such, boilies figure heavily and the cats have turned onto them. Im not bothered with leeches to be honest, as you say, the whole attraction is vibration I suspect and at that price, I prefer the bunch of lobs, as you know fish love to eat em. Its interesting that you have different rigs for bottom baits (i.e not lives), In the past all my rigs have been free running, just like zandering.
  2. Alright folks, Anyone here a serious cat hunter (not the feline pests that eat your pigeons) or even anyone with cat experience of note? Basically, I was wondering what rigs you would use, Im looking into a trip to celtic lakes in wales and although I have been cat fishing a few times, I would like some opinion on rigs. Basically when fishing bottom baits, would you go free running or bolt rig. Like eels, Ive always gone for cats prefering running rigs. Im not bothered about surface rigs as Im happy with those, just what to fish on the bottom. Thanks in advance.
  3. Firstly, before we get to my answer, can i just say, as hypothetical as this is, I feel it wrong for others to comment on the issues of fox hunting etc with regards to this topic, the two are unrelated and have no relevance to any situations we as angler may face. Personally Budgie, I would like to see any government ban fishing, it will never happen on the basis of sheer participation numbers and the positive role such interactions have within society. I would disregard any such legislation and basically break the law: tigger, a rod licence is a valid 'tax' in that it pays for a service
  4. I saw the news in last weeks anglers mail. I personally wish mark all the best with this venture as Ive always found him a sound chap who shares a passion for preds. Mark, now you have national coverage, use it wisely and dont fall down the pitfalls a certain mr williams fell down, namely tarnishing the name of us pred men.
  5. For bank fish on the lochs have you considered the fox pike xs rods in 3lb tc? I have got a pair of these for my pit fishing and the action is superb, coupled with great finish and competitive pricing - well worth the money. For boat work there are many rods that would fit the bill, I think fox have produced a rod in 11ft 3lb test for boat fishing.
  6. It just shows you how bad the standard of the reporting must be in the weeklies. If those at At actually think that these fish are even close to 3lb then they shouldnt be doing the job they get paid for. If we can all see that it is blatantly obvious that these fish are 1lb odd caught by noddies (probably no weighing scales) then a natiopnal fishing paper with in house experts should recognise it and not send it to print.....maybe a very poor week?
  7. I start piking in october, but this is very much based on the weather, if we have a repeat of last year then I wont be piking at all this season (again!). I really hope for a cold one this time because its costing me my favorite fishing and Im missing out on my favorite species, so cmon mother nature, give us a proper Ice age.
  8. you guys just dont know what your on about do you? Lets be logical here, camo and especially realtree is PUKKA and the carp know its PUKKA! no self respecting carp would be caught by an angler not using camo bite alarms, a realtree pattern rod, camo rod pod. Theres a simple rule in fishing, if you wanna catch fish, you need to be wearing everything camo, you need a camo camera bag for those easy to find cameras,camo bait buckets, camo bivvys and camo lucky trolls! You could of course disregard all of this and not look like a complete idiot. Dont know if youll catch owt though, ju
  9. Nice slab, congrats, if you didnt expect them to be that big in the pond, it could throw up bigger?
  10. I felt a cold wind for the fisrt time the other day and thought the same, nearly time for perch. Im dubious that the roach will be shoaled up for a good while yet, and just wish for a cold winter with some good hard frosts in october. Thats when il start getting excited. Can it be as mild or milder than last year? I really hope not.
  11. I have used perch liveys many times and have drawn up the following: They last well, but contrary to anderoo, their energy levels are poor at best, often giving up swimming around and instead opting to hold postion. I find them good for perch especially but less so for pike and even less so for zander, however, I think they are a much underrated deadbait and have often scored when other baits have failed, partcularly with the zeds. As already stated, cutting off the fin is a load of rubbish. I much prefer silvers for zander and pike.
  12. Kleinboet, I have nothing against disabled people whatsoever, I have already stated that 2 of my close family are disabled. What I am against is the title of the topic - anger at rising concessionary license, that it what bugged me into writng on this thread and is the whole point of my argument, put simply why moan at the price of the license, concessionary or not. Slacklines, well said and well done for your honest appraisal of the topic!
  13. slacklines, Id say about £25 and no peneth seems about right
  14. 1, I always carry a pair of binoculars: if the fishing is bad, I can watch wildlife and binoculars have allowed me to spot and observe fish and fish behaviour which has put loads of extra fish on the bank. 2, Bogroll & mosi guard 3,forgetting bogroll and mosi guard
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